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Floors and Coatings: Renovation

Read the article “Floors and Coatings: Renovation” and check out the main finishing options to cover the different residential environments. Know the characteristics of each material and the advantages of working with it when renovating or building a property.

Floors and Coverings: Renovation. (Photo: Disclosure)

At the time to renovate your house or in the acquisition of a new house, it is common to have the need to change the floor or even to put the first floor if the property is new, and this usually costs time and a lot of money.

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What this article covers:

Floors and Coatings: Renovation

The choice of items that will compose the finish of the house must be done carefully, as these details make all the difference and are still apparent and will accompany you for a long time.

Floor suggestion for outdoor area. (Photo: Disclosure)

For the construction or renovation of a house, it is necessary to prepare a plan and prepare your pocket for expenses. The choice of flooring is fundamental, as one cannot only think about appearance, but also take into account functionality. Is it slippery? Is it easy to maintain? Is cleaning simple? – These are just a few questions that need to be asked when defining the best coating.

In the following topic, we will present models of Floors and Coatings: Renovation🇧🇷

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Models of floors and coatings

Cement floor. (Photo: Disclosure)

The main floors currently used are:

cement floor

It’s the simplest and it’s easy to do without lining. It is used because it is the cheapest, but it has two problems, it stains too much and produces a fine dust all the time, to alleviate these problems the ideal is to paint the floor with a specific paint and apply a waterproofing agent, thus avoiding stains and it is very easier to wash.

Cement works well indoors. (Photo: Disclosure)


To make this type of floor beautiful, wash it with soap and water and after completely dry apply a layer of wax and buff after the wax has completely dried.

Floor covered with tiles. (Photo: Disclosure)


This type of flooring is not recommended to be applied throughout the house, as it slips too much and also heats up a lot. This floor is used a lot to make details.

Slate is also a good choice when cladding. (Photo: Disclosure)

ceramic floors

This is the floor most used today, because in addition to its huge variety of colors, shapes and designs, it is a beautiful, durable and easy to clean floor. Used both indoors and outdoors, its maintenance is the simplest, just wash it with soap and water.

Ceramic floors. (Photo: Disclosure)

glazed porcelain

This type of flooring is still somewhat expensive, but it is a trend, due to its functionality. This floor is made with a material that when heated to high temperatures forms a super resistant layer, with little or no porosity, which makes it waterproof.

Glazed porcelain. (Photo: Disclosure)

Wood floor

It is cozy and makes the environment warmer, there are laminates that, in addition to being beautiful, are highly durable and easy to clean.

Wood floor. (Photo: Disclosure)

If you have a large house, you can choose more than one floor, to differentiate the areas of the house, but be careful when making combinations, choose floors that look like a continuity of colors and with similar formats. If your home is small, the ideal is to choose just one type of floor.

The floor or cladding is not like a wall in the house that you can easily paint and change the color or appearance, so before buying anything, research the building material stores well, so you save money and do not regret the choice, because changing floors is not an easy thing and you may have to live with it for a long time. It’s worth investing as much as you can in this item.

Choose the floor that best suits the needs of your home. (Photo: Disclosure)

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