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Flooring for Leisure Area How to Choose

🇧🇷Flooring for leisure area how to choose‘ is what you are looking for? So know that there are several material options that can be used to cover the external area and improve the functionality of the space. However, when defining the floor, it is very important to take into account the factors of safety and durability.

Floor for leisure area as you choose. (Photo: Disclosure)

The external area of ​​the house requires a planned coating that is consistent with the needs of the space. Many people find it difficult to choose the right flooring, but it is enough to know the trends in the construction materials market to be faced with great possibilities of choice.

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Flooring for leisure area how to choose

When opting for a floor for the outdoor area, take into account that the location needs pieces that are durable and match the architectural pattern of the residence. It is important to avoid materials that have a smooth and slippery texture, as they favor falling in damp areas, such as the pool.

Give preference to non-slip flooring. (Photo: Disclosure)

The cladding of leisure areas is normally planned with rustic materials, making the environment aesthetically beautiful and functional. There are several pieces that perfectly cover the floor and bet on rougher textures to avoid the formation of a slippery surface.

When defining the ideal floor for the leisure area, it is important to consider the pieces that withstand continuous humidity and exposure to the sun. The material needs to be non-slip, offer easy cleaning and require frequent maintenance.

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Flooring models for leisure area

Natural Stones

With simple maintenance and a non-slip texture, natural stone is rated as the best outdoor flooring. They are usually found in asymmetrical shapes and diverse colors, composing a more robust, lively and timeless coating. Each type of stone also undergoes a special treatment before composing the coating.

Natural stones represent a great option for the leisure area. (Photo: Disclosure)

By betting on ornamental stones to cover, residents achieve the best aesthetic results. Each type of stone assumes a role in terms of water absorption and takes advantage of the raw natural rock in the right dose. When affixing the pieces, it is also important to be careful with the project so as not to create disharmony in the coating.

Among the natural stones most used to cover leisure areas, the following stand out: Basalt, Marble, Soapstone, Pedra Verde, Miracema, Sandstone, Cement Intravado and Vafarge. The pieces must also value colors, shapes and textures, present a beautiful finish and a peaked structure. Remembering that stones used in their natural state need to undergo a treatment called waterproofing.

Rustic pottery. (Photo: Disclosure)

rustic ceramics

In addition to natural stones, other products can be used to cover the leisure area, such as rustic ceramics. This material has high durability and porous surface, that is, it is able to prevent falls.

Porcelain tile. (Photo: Disclosure)

Porcelain tile

Porcelain tile, when it has an abrasive surface, is great for covering the leisure area. In addition to being functional, it also leaves the look of the modern environment.

Wood Deck. (Photo: Disclosure)

wooden deck

The leisure area of ​​your home, especially if you have a swimming pool, can count on installing a wooden deck. This type of flooring is made from treated wood and does not need varnish. It provides a resistant and at the same time charming finish.

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