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Floor made with digital printing

The civil construction market presents a multitude of materials to compose the coating. Among the new options that are gaining consumer preference, it is worth highlighting the digital printing flooring🇧🇷

The floor can imitate the aesthetics of different materials. (Photo: Disclosure)

The main decoration events, such as the Revestir fair, have already presented the surprising results that digital printing can bring to the house finish🇧🇷 The technique is practical, modern and open to customization.

What this article covers:

THE printed digital technology has been used to modify the aesthetics of floors and porcelain tiles. Through this technique, it is possible to make the pieces simulate other materials used in construction, such as natural stone, fabric, cement and demolition wood.

THE printing technique in ceramic products offers new possibilities for cladding the house. The resident has greater freedom to choose the colors and effects, in addition to being able to imitate different materials in the compositions.

O floor with fingerprint it is made with inkjet, a system that allows you to make faithful and detailed drawings. The surface acquires resistance and durability, that is, the print does not disappear over time.

Ceramic coating simulates wood. (Photo: Disclosure)

The most advanced digital printing machines allow you to build high definition drawings (HD). In some works it is possible to identify 3D elements, due to the high contrast and intensity of the colors. The art that will be printed on the floor can have realistic details and designs.

The floor with digital printing proves to be the perfect option for those who like appearance of wood, but does not have financial conditions to wood the environment. O ceramic coating it also tends to have the simplest maintenance when compared to wood, plus it can be used to coat wet areas.

The drawings have high definition. (Photo: Disclosure)

The main flooring manufacturers have already launched digital printing parts, as is the case of Porto Ferreira, Incefra, Elizabeth, Eliane, Avaré, among others. Check out the following prices and where to buy🇧🇷

– Natural Wood Porcelain 16.5 X 100 Cm Cerâmica Elizabeth for R$87.25 at C&C.

– Floor 45.9×45.9, which imitates the sidewalk in Rio de Janeiro, by Unigres for R$9.90 at C&C.

– Floor 43×43 Ceral Enamelled, imitating natural stone, for R$9.90 at C&C.

– Flooring 45×45 cm by Incefra, imitating wood, for R$ 11.90 at C&C.

– Floor 60×60 by Eliane, imitating bamboo, for R$ 67.25 at C&C.

– Flooring 43×43 Gray Avaré, imitating stones, for R$ 10.49 on Telha Norte.

– Flooring 42x42cm Porto Ferreira, imitation wood, for R$ 27.20 at C&C.

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