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Flexible pipe repair price – in 2022

The flexible exhaust pipe is an accordion-shaped tube, installed on the engine, to protect your vehicle’s exhaust system by giving you the additional flexibility you require when handling contractions, vibrations and/or unnatural movements.

How much does a flexible exhaust pipe repair job cost?

The price of a flex pipe repair job, like any vehicle repair job, will largely depend on the vehicle you drive, the mechanic you work with, and your geographic location. During our extensive research online, we were able to find out the typical price for this work, which appears to be in the range of €115 to €275 at a local muffler shop if you had to repair just one section or part of it; however, if you were to replace the entire hose, the expense could range from €400 To over €1,000 at a local dealer if the tube has a converter attached.

Considering just the parts, without the labor of a professional mechanic, expenses can range from €15 to €50 or more, depending on the brand of pipe and manufacturer.

What is a flexible tube?

The flex pipe is the flexible portion of the pipe that provides some versatility to the exhaust system, according to the pros at LousMuffler. As a crucial element of a front wheel drive car and even in almost all four wheel drive cars, the part will protect your exhaust system from damage as you accelerate your vehicle. Without this added flexibility that the part provides, the exhaust system can break much more easily, leading to a leak and a loud noise.

How will you know when the part is broken?

Most of the time, it can be a pretty easy job to tell when this part is starting to go bad due to the fact that in the early stages, you will start to hear a small noise similar to an exhaust leak when you start your car’s engine. motor and start moving in any direction. However, as long as the leak is not too noticeable, it will gradually go away as you drive. However, for a larger than average leak, it won’t go away and will be much louder, basically helping you understand that something is seriously wrong.

While virtually all flexible tubing will break from the inside of the tubing, it can make a sound like it doesn’t have a leak. If you hear noises coming from your exhaust, don’t neglect the problem as it can cause significant damage to your exhaust system in the future, greatly increasing repair costs. This could consist of broken bolts, flanges, or maybe ruining the exhaust manifold, another repair job that can eat up a big chunk of your paycheck.

tips to remember

Every car dealer will want to change the entire flex tube based on their shop’s requirements, however, 99 percent of the time, this is not required. To save a great deal of money, consider finding a familiar muffler shop near you to see if a part of the flex can be swapped out to ensure you spend less and keep your exhaust system in tip-top shape. Most of the time, a little welding job and about 30 to 45 minutes of your time will be all it takes to have a working flexible pipe.

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