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Five things we need from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet • ENTER.CO

On Wednesday, August 03, we will receive a new update of the next generation of Pokémon. If you are like that, you have surely ignored the round of leaks and are excitedly awaiting the surprises that the next generation of pokémon will bring. Which also means there is a dose of nervousness. The latest installments of the pokémon franchise have been… controversial. For many, the concern is that The Pokemon Company maintains its policy of ignoring the public and not bringing the improvements we need or want.

So in this article today we would like to highlight five things that we need to see come with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

The Legend of Arceus Menus

I don’t know about you… but Legend of Arceus set the bar very high for future Pokémon games. Perhaps one of the best things he brought to the table was the lesson that sometimes you can create menus that make the task easier rather than the work harder.

The ability to scan a wild Pokémon instead of having to capture it is miraculous. Being able to change moves without having to go to a tutor or enter a Pokémon center is fantastic. Being able to modify mons without the need to go to NPCs… we know that grinding has always been a part of Pokemon. But if recent games have shown us anything, it is that at this point there are no compelling reasons to make some tasks so complicated.

A little love for others initials

pokemon scarlet

I hope with all my heart that this is not a generation with another variant of Charizard, Squartle, or Venasaur.

And it is that I like the original trio like any other coach. But I am concerned that The Pokémon Company forgets that there are other favorites. Where is the Blaziken mega evolution? Who else wants a Dinamax for Feligart? Can we have a regional variant for Serperior?

What we mean, is that we want a little love for other starters. Charizard already had his moment to shine. It is time that other favorites also have the opportunity to be included in a competitive team.

The captures of Legend of Arceus

I was happy with catching pokemon through the old battle system…until I tried Legends of Arceus.

Here’s the thing… I think the ability to surprise pokemon, to add stealth, to find new ways to interact with catches gives the game a layer of depth that it needs. It is not necessary to eliminate surprise catches on the lawn nor do all areas need to be opened with the mons models. But at least Pokemon Scarlet and Violet shouldn’t rule out one of their best ideas.

Access to all post game pokemon

I agree that the discussion about Dexit (The Pokemon Company’s decision not to include all pokemon in Sword and Shield) is stupid. At the time he even defended her. One of the advantages of not having all the pokemon available is that it gave the opportunity to a meta game in which we could try new mons, instead of the same options as always.

At least until after the DLC all legendaries were available… and then legal to be used competitively. If they’re going to allow obvious mons like Landorus to end up in the meta then why not include everyone then? Why prevent people from being able to play with their favorite mon?

A new Eevelution

Okay. The Pokemon Company has a recent custom of including a new Eeveelution every game in between. We get Glaceon and Leafeon in gen 4 and then Sylveon in gen 6. Although we don’t expect a new type… what we can’t let go of is that in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet we have to have a new version of Eevee.

And the possibilities are endless. Fans have already created a dragon, ghost, rock, poison, steel type version… For example, the one we include here is a ghost type version imagined by Nana Himuro

Images: Pokemon Company

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