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Five successful trends for business leaders in 2023

The global business landscape and customer demand are changing rapidly. For business leaders, the insight into this demand development is only a small piece of the puzzle in the big picture. How business leaders actually translate knowledge into action is the key to staying one step ahead. Below are five trends business leaders should watch for in 2023.

Need for global connectivity

As technology advances, the shift to digital will increase, leading to a change in customer demands. Businesses will continue to look for ways to globally expand their reach, and with that expansion, the need for reliable, secure connectivity will take center stage. The scope of the connection will be ever wider. Not just websites and remote workers, but also multicloud, SaaS and data center providers. Seamlessly and securely moving data and applications will become a strong need for all businesses. Companies will need to invest time and money in their network and cybersecurity architectures and identify a partner that has capabilities that span geographies, which will create a seamless experience across multiple geographies and technology platforms.

The rise of private networks

For global businesses, private 5G networks in 2023 won’t just be nice-to-haves. Keeping data, processing, devices and resources local on a private and secure network will redraw the playing field. Business leaders should see the power and benefits of private networks as a priority in 2023.

Flexibility remains a top priority

For most enterprise IT leaders, business flexibility was always in their plans, but perhaps somewhat buried behind other priorities. The pandemic and the rapid change in workforce operations put flexibility back on the map. In 2023, the way we work and operate will continue to evolve, and the tools, solutions and plans to stay ahead will be critical to long-term success.

Trust things less, secure more

There are some constants in life, such as the sun will rise in the morning and set in the evening, time will continue to tick, and cybercriminals will look for ways to break down your security infrastructure and steal sensitive information. CISOs and IT leaders cannot waver in their focus on protecting their business and customer data. Cybercriminals will continue to redouble their attacks, meaning global businesses must meet and exceed these efforts to protect the business and customers.

Broadband for all

For businesses and consumers alike, fast, reliable and secure connectivity is the backbone of how we live, work and play. For enterprise customers, the rise of connected devices is not a fluke, it is a trend that will continue to grow. A simple and effective way to keep businesses connected will be a must.

Written by Massimo Peselli and Sowmyanarayan Sampath, Verizon Business

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