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Five new things we learned from the Stranger Things Vol. 2 trailer • ENTER.CO

Little bit. Very little is missing before we can see the end of Stranger Things 4. Netflix seems to have made the right decision by dividing the most recent season into two parts, as the tension felt by its conclusion is real. This season has the addition that, for the first time, no one feels safe from death. All the characters in the group seem like perfect victims and we are sure Netflix hides one or another secret to keep us on the edge of the chair.

We think there are clues in your new trailer, so this time we’re bringing you five new things we’ve learned from the new trailer for Stranger Things Vol. 2.

Will knows about Vecna

Stranger Things 4

Will’s involvement in Stranger Things 4 has so far been limited to his adventure with Mike, Jonathan and Argyle. However, the most recent teaser seems to anticipate that he has knowledge of Vecna ​​and his intentions to eliminate all members of the group. This is somewhat strange, considering that Will is quite far from Hawkins. What the teaser seems to imply is that his connection to the Other Side hasn’t been completely severed and that perhaps this is why he is able to detect Vecna’s presence (does this have something to do with the painting he wanted to show Vecna? Mike?).

Lucas will face Jason

Stranger Things 4

One of the side stories we’ve seen unfold this season is Jason as a threat against the group. His obsession with the Hellfire club and the fanaticism with which he has convinced the entire town that the murders are part of his ‘satanic’ ritual have earned him the hatred of most fans. The preview anticipates that Lucas will be the one who finally faces Jason, who manages to track him, his sister and Sam to the Creel house.

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The groups and the mission

The first photos had already told us that Nancy is safe. What we have seen in the new previews is that the group separates again, on a mission to stop and kill Vecna ​​definitively. We see Nancy, Robin, and Steve head to the Creel mansion on the other side to kill Vecna, Eddie and Dustin go to another location (and we get another scene of Eddie playing his guitar on the other side), while Max, Lucas, and Erica remain in this dimension in the Creel house.

Eleven returns to the other side

A good chunk of the trailer shows us a bloodied Eleven battling Vecna ​​in what appears to be the Creel house. We also see the lab in the middle of the desert explode. Considering the distance between where she is and Hawkings, the most logical explanation is that Eleven uses her powers to open a path to the other side and thus confront 1/Vecna ​​in the Creel house… the result of this confrontation It is something that is still not clear.

More demogorgons in Russia

Of course, neither Joyce nor Hopper have it any easier. A teaser had already announced to us that in Russia there seems to be a prison that contains the Mind Flayer or at least a part of it (which, by the way, would explain why Vecna ​​has begun to act at this time). But this is not the only threat they will have to face. We see more demogorgons in the facility and an epic moment in which Murray sets this lab on fire… Maybe he is the hero who tips the scales in favor of the boys in Hawkins?

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