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Five anime series by otakus for otakus • ENTER.CO

With nothing to see? If you’re in the mood for a show that raises that geek pride, we have five anime recommendations by otakus for otakus.

It is curious that today it is much easier to proudly say that you are an otaku. Although the original meaning of the word was much more negative, in recent years this expression has become one of those words that has been transformed into its opposite. Today being an otaku is a way of saying how much you love anime and how passionate you are about its stories. What better way to celebrate than with an anime series by otakus for otakus

At ENTER.CO we have prepared a list of five series that you should watch, trying to explain in a summarized way what they are about and why we believe they are infallible recommendations.

The only clarification: we are looking for series in which one of the central themes is ‘being an otaku’, not necessarily that they have an ‘otaku character’.

Lucky Star

Konata Izumi may be the most important otaku in anime. We do not say this lightly. The blue-haired otaku is not only the most legendary manga client out there, but also one of those characters that makes you proud to be able to make references that no one understands. Of course it’s been a while since it was released, but surely you can identify with staying up late playing an MMO or trying to explain to your ‘normies’ friends the beauty of a show.

You can watch Lucky Star on Funimation (and it’s also expected to be available on Crunchyroll in the future).


Of course, it’s easier to love anime in a group. Genshiken is in charge of telling the day-to-day of the Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture (or Genshiken), a group of university students who meet to discuss the anime they love, attend conventions, cosplay… What else? What I love about Genshiken is the way it mixes elements of fiction with history that feel a bit real. From the different types of fans (the introverted, the theatrical, the one who doesn’t seem so) to some pretty important issues (like having to go to interviews and trying to explain your hobbies). An essential recommendation in this list of otaku anime.

You can find the second season available on Crunchyroll.


That otakus are not good for love? Here we believe they make the best couples. In fact, after watching Wotakoi you’re going to wish you had someone who spends the time shipping you with your best friends (or maybe not). Wotakoi is the story of two childhood friends and otakus who decide to start dating. What follows is an account of how they begin to explore their relationship, while also sharing moments that are only possible when your girlfriend or boyfriend fully understands that sometimes the perfect first date is accompanied by a good Jojo reference.

The first season of Wotakoi is available through Amazon Video.

Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi o Suru

We know that the fanservice of this show may end up driving some away from the series. But behind this there is a story that cosplay lovers can come to love. After all, Sono Bisque understands better than anyone the reason why we dress up as our favorite characters, why we seek to find the perfect details or adopt their postures when walking: the enormous admiration created by the desire to become them (or closest possible). It is also a beautiful romantic story, but again we suggest not this otaku anime on the office laptop.

Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi o Suru is available on Crunchyroll.

Outbreak Company

otaku anime

It is not uncommon for the Otaku to be the protagonist of the Isekai. In fact, there is a whole conversation as to why there is usually a lesson on escapism that is quite important… but in this note we want to enjoy it. And the lesson of Outbreak Company is that sometimes being an otaku can be quite useful when what you need is to turn Japan and a kingdom of dragons, magic and warriors into otakus so that they can accept the fantasy world that is hidden. …it’s one of those weird stories that wants to take advantage of the ‘proud to be otaku to death’ premise.

And for you, what is your series of Otakus for Otakus? Also leave your recommendations in the comments.

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