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fishing village that is a paradise in Brazil

Jericoacoara, a village located in Ceára, is ideal for those who like to combine beautiful beaches with lots of fun. Mark on the agenda.

Jericoacoara is located in Ceará, Brazil, and is a fishing village that maintains its rustic and traditional appearance. Several foreigners settled here, such as Italians, Belgians and French.

This international presence influenced the gastronomy, but also the local life habits. The environment is very peaceful and, therefore, this is an ideal destination for a calm and relaxing holiday.

Jericoacoara or Jeri: a serene village

Jericoacoara perfectly combines the more morning life with the night life, for which there is no lack of local forró music. The most tourist inns, hotels, restaurants and shops coexist harmoniously with natural attractions such as the dunes, namely the Por do Sol Dune, the meeting point of the region.

Thus, Praia da Malhada is one of the most popular for bathing and hiking. When the tide is low, it is possible to follow a trail to Pedra Furada, a very popular rock formation in the region.

The buggy is a means of transport widely used to travel to the outskirts of the village, where you can visit lagoons with crystal clear waters, such as Lagoas Azul and Formosa. In these places, you can also find hammocks to lie down and immerse part of your body in water.

In the waters of Jericoacoara, the practice of kitesurfing and windsurfing.

when to visit

There are two distinct periods in Jeri, which differ essentially in terms of climate. From July to January, the high season is experienced, with excellent temperatures and good winds for practicing windsurfing and kitesurfing.

From February to May, the low season brings a decrease in temperatures and rainfall, with a reduction in demand.

Environmental fee

The municipality of Jericoacoara instituted an environmental fee that must be paid by visitors, depending on the number of days spent in the region. Tourists must pay 30 Reais (5.5 euros) for a stay of up to seven days. if you stay longer, you must pay a new fee.

This Sustainable Tourism Fee is charged to visitors between 13 and 59 years old, with the exception of people with disabilities.

This fee can be paid online, on here.

How to get

To get to this location, you can take the Azul airline, with flights from Recife, or the Gol company, with direct flights from Guarulhos (Sao Paulo).

Where sleep

seaside inns

For those looking for accommodation very close to the beach, here are some suggestions:

cheapest hostels

For those looking for affordable accommodation, take note of the following places:

Where to eat

In this region, you will mainly find restaurants specializing in fish. In the city center you will find the vast majority of local establishments. Check out some of the places to go and what to eat.

boats on the beach

how to circle

Cars are prohibited in the centre, so you have to use local buses, walk and also take full advantage of the buggies. The most important streets are São Francisco, Forró and Principal. From them, you will get to know all the local bars, shops and restaurants.


  • At Jericoacoara Beach, it is possible to enjoy a series of services and amenities such as sunbeds, restaurant, equipment rental and lessons with kitesurfing or windsurfing instructors and open-air cinema (on certain days of the week).
  • At the end of Main Street, there are stalls selling caipirinhas and other drinks.
  • For those who want to enjoy the night, nothing better than going to Rua do Forró and starting the fun at the Dona Amélia restaurant.

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