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First NFT dispensing machine installed in New York • ENTER.CO

NFT investment continues to increase, thanks to the great reception of users for these non-fungible tokens. This too, thanks to companies like Adidas and Nike, who have gotten into the NFT business. Now, Neon, a company specializing in the sale of NFTs, announced the installation of the first NFT dispensing machine.

Faced with such growth of non-fungible tokens, users are looking for different means to acquire them. However, until now, there are only digital platforms that distribute these virtual objects. Based on the growth, resources and needs of the users, Neon installed the machine in the heart of Wall Street, in New York.

According to the company, the machine will accept credit and debit cards in US dollars. This, with the aim of democratizing and facilitating the purchase of NFTs for those people who do not have digital wallets. The project managed to materialize, after a disbursement of $3 million dollars.

Then, the person approaches the machine, places the debit or credit card with which they will buy the NFT, and chooses the one they like the most. Once you have paid the value, you will receive a box containing a unique code of the chosen NFT. This can be redeemed on the Neon platform.

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“To buy and selling NFTs doesn’t have to be a mystery and shouldn’t require you to own Ethereum, write a smart contract, pay fees, or bridge blockchains to participate.” says John Birnholtz, co-founder of Neon.

Why buy with due or credit card? The company was based on data from the United States: only 2% of citizens have a digital wallet, while 80% have a credit and/or debit card. “We’re making selling digital art even easier than selling physical art,” added Birnholtz.

Image: BusinessWire

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