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First look at grammar tools in the new Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s upcoming Chromium-based web browser, Microsoft Edge, comes with Grammar Tools in the browser’s reading mode.

Read mode is a useful browser feature that resembles browser services, scripts, and extensions like Tranquility for Firefox, the Readable web service, the now-retired Readability service and extension, and many others.

What sets it apart is that it is integrated into the Microsoft Edge web browser in a similar way to how recent versions of the Firefox web browser come with this mode.

Reading mode is not a new feature, Microsoft added it to Internet Explorer 11 in 2014, and the classic Edge browser supports it as well.

Grammar tools are part of reading mode in Microsoft Edge. The classic Edge browser supports Grammar Tools and the upcoming Microsoft Edge which is based on Chromium will too. One key difference is that users of the classic Microsoft Edge browser have to download Grammar Tools from the Microsoft Store while the feature is built into the new Microsoft Edge browser natively.

Please note that the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser is still under development and things may change before the final release. At the moment, Grammar Tools is available in the latest versions, but it is hidden behind a flag.

Enable Grammar Tools in Microsoft Edge

microsoft edge grammar tools

At this time, it is necessary to enable the grammar tools before the tools are available. This is how you do it:

  1. Load the edge:// flags in the Microsoft Edge address bar.
  2. Use the search to find Grammar.
  3. Set the status of grammar tools in reading view to enabled.
  4. Restart Microsoft Edge.

Grammar tools are enabled in Reading View mode after reboot. You can launch Reading View mode on most sites with a click of the “open book” icon in the Edge address bar.

Microsoft Edge displays only article titles, text, and images afterward. Any other elements of the site page, including menus, navigation or advertising, are removed.

A click on Grammar Tools at the top shows the available options. Basically what you can do now is highlight verbs, nouns or adjectives and break words into syllables.

Just check any one of the options, or several, and you’ll notice that Edge changes the text based on the options enabled. If you enable verbs, all words are color-coded red so they can be distinguished from other content.

There is also an option to show labels. These highlight the type, e.g. Eg v for verbs, to make it even clearer at first glance.

closing words

Grammar tools are designed to highlight certain parts of speech for identification. It may improve accessibility or help English learners, but it’s probably not something most Edge users will find very useful.

Now you: What is your opinion about the grammar tools feature? (via Techdows)

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