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Firefox Web Browser Addon Suggestions

The Firefox Experimental Add-on AST Add-on Suggestion Tool offers add-on suggestions based on the add-ons already installed in the Firefox web browser.

To update: The browser plugin was pulled from the Mozilla plugin repository. There is no comparable plugin available at this time.

The plugin can be downloaded from the official Mozilla website. It offers a Get Add-ons button on its interface that will do some magic in the background to show you suggestions for Firefox add-ons that complement what you have already installed in the browser.

The description offered by the plugin developer is a bit vague, but it seems that they suggest plugins by evaluating plugins that are used by other users along with plugins that are already installed on the computer system. . It should be noted that the plugin will send information about installed plugins to the developer’s web server and there is nothing you can do about it in the UI.

Plugin Suggestion Tool

firefox addon suggestion

Suggested Firefox add-ons are displayed in a list that resembles the Firefox Add-ons menu, except that only the name of the extension appears. This is one of the weaknesses of this Firefox add-on, as you don’t necessarily know from the name what functionality an add-on offers. Adding descriptions would make this plugin more useful than it is now.

However, it provides two buttons to open the plugin’s home page on the Mozilla website (opens in a new tab) or to install it immediately. Most users will probably click the button that leads to the add-on’s home page first to find out what it adds to the Firefox web browser before installing it.

Installation can be completed on that page as well, making the install button on the plugin interface often redundant.

Firefox addon can become very popular if developers add addon descriptions to the interface.

To updateNote: The plugin has not been updated since 2009, which may indicate compatibility issues with newer versions of the Firefox web browser. The plugin may not work anymore in the latest versions.

The Get Addons page at about:addons also includes a recommended section. While it doesn’t seem to take installed plugins into account, it seems to be the closest in terms of functionality to this extension.

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