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Fine for video surveillance: how does it work?

Today we will talk about the fine for video surveillance. Did you already know this type of fine, and how does it really work? Who controls and enforces the fines?

Let’s also know the precautions to not be fined for these video monitoring cameras. Come on!

What this article covers:

How does the traffic ticket for video monitoring work?

The fine for video surveillance works in a simple and agile way, and with it the traffic agents remotely, that is, from the comfort of their offices and without having a risk of reprisal, can fine cars that make a mess, park in a prohibited place, drivers without belts among other traffic violations.

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It is required that the fine be described that it was made by remote video surveillance system, so that the individual or the driver is aware of where it was made and why it was fined.

Bearing in mind that under these conditions, if the person tries to appeal, the appeal will almost always be useless, since the fact that it was done with a camera and that the road was clearly signposted, it will be seen that the individual actually committed the infraction.

When was the law created?

The law was first created in 2013, shortly after it was suspended by the National Traffic Council and it only came back into effect at the beginning of April.

How do I know I was fined for video surveillance?

The way to check if you have been fined or not, remain the same or when you receive the notice, or consult the Nothing In the Vehicle for your vehicle, with only the observation in each fine of which one was made by a physical agent and which one was made by a remote agent working in a room.

What precautions do I have to take to not be fined for video?

So that traffic fines do not come, whether by video or otherwise, we must comply with traffic rules and pay close attention, because sometimes we do not see a sign, in case it is poorly positioned or even hidden by branches or something that was put in front, but we must always pay close attention, as it is the only way to prevent this system from fining you and not committing infractions.

What precautions do I have to take to not be fined for video

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However, we have to point out that the cameras do not have such a wide or so clear view of the interior of the car, so there will rarely be fines related to the use of the phone while driving or even not wearing a seat belt, but remember none of these activities should be encouraged, as all of them are not just traffic violations and also a risk to their lives.

Who controls the video surveillance cameras?

As mentioned above, the monitoring cameras are controlled by remote operators, prepared to evaluate and verify your vehicle during its journey and thus verify whether or not there has been any infringement.

In this article you can see in a simple way and in popular words how the remote traffic monitoring system works, formerly known on highways as Pardal.

We saw how it works and how far it goes in an exemplary way to protect ourselves and not to be fined, and we also saw how to check whether the fine was made by a physical agent or a remote agent.

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