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Find out why breaking a mirror is bad luck and how to free yourself from that curse

Most people have heard of a popular superstition about the curse of breaking a mirror. People say that, Whoever has the misfortune to accidentally break this object, is entitled to 7 years of bad luckbut what is behind this fearsome belief?

Mirrors are gadgets that in ancient times represented luxury and a symbol of power since they were very expensive, so in the 16th century servants were very careful not to break them as they thought they might be persecuted by misfortune.

But the superstition goes much further back in time. Before there were mirrors, people saw their reflection in simpler things like water. When mirrors were invented around 4,000 BC in Mesopotamia and in Egypt around 3,000 BC they were not as we know them today. They were made from copper and some rocks such as obsidian.

It was only a few centuries ago, in the mid-1800s, when an inventor in Germany named Justus von Liebig developed a chemical process to create the mirror as we know it today.

Beyond its history, the superstition of the mirror is preceded by the reflection. When we see ourselves on a surface that projects our image, it does so inverted. In ancient times it was thought that it was the window to another plane, an alternate world where the soul was reflectedas explained by Astrofame.

Why is 7 years unlucky?

7 is one of the most cabalistic numbers in numerology. It represents wisdom and spirit, among other things, and we see it present in concepts such as the 7 deadly sins, the number of days it took God to create the world, the 7 chakras, etc. But we owe the association of this number to the superstition of breaking the mirror to the ancient Roman Empire.

The Romans believed that the soul could be trapped in reflective objects and it was even the prison of demons and evil spirits, so when they were broken, all those negative entities were released, mainly affecting the person who committed the act of breaking it..

On the other hand, they believed that human life was divided into 7 cycles, each of them corresponding to a specific moment, for example, from 0 to 7 the age of development, from 7 to 14 the age of reason, etc. When you broke a mirror, that cycle was broken and there was a void in that person’s life that lasted 7 years..

How to avoid the 7 year curse?

The superstition of bad luck when breaking a mirror is one of the oldest that is still valid in the collective memory. If you accidentally break a mirror, the first step is to think positive. LThe best way to avoid the 7 years of bad luck is not to suggest yourself to prevent negative energy from affecting you.

Now, if you are a person who needs a ritual so that bad luck does not materialize, there are some very simple options, for example, throw salt over your left shoulder, place the largest piece of the broken mirror in the moonlight fill or purchase a good luck charm.

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