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Find out why a bowl of rice should be kept at the entrance of the house

Very popular all over the world, especially on the Asian continent, rice is a staple food staple in most households. However, its benefits go far beyond the confines of the kitchen. Many do not know, but it also feeds many superstitions and cultural ideologies. Symbol of abundance and good luck, a variety of rituals are associated with the use of rice. One of the most famous is nothing less than the traditional throwing of rice grains at the bride and groom after the ceremony: this ancestral custom, which is still current today, promotes the couple’s fertility and happiness. Now let’s see why it would be good to put a pot of rice at the entrance of the house.


Superstitions and popular beliefs are rooted in every country. For centuries, rice was considered a cereal with beneficial power to attract good energies and repel negative waves. For all people, lovers of Feng Shui and its purification techniques, a rice bowl is always a good omen at the entrance of the house. Many people are still convinced that this food has a saving effect on the aura of the dwelling, bringing luck, prosperity and well-being to its guests.

How would rice have a beneficial effect on its interior?

In recent years, people have started to take great care in decorating their homes, juggling a comfortable environment with a cozy, even relaxing space. Many people were seduced by the Feng Shui philosophy that emphasizes the harmonization and arrangement of places, through a relevant choice of colors, fabrics or plants.

Many remain convinced that a healthy, warm environment must be cleansed of all forms of bad energy. Some don’t skimp on the means to resort to the most effective rituals to ward off malevolent spirits, help boost their careers, improve their financial situation or protect their love life. So, there are many tips for cleaning the premises and increasing positive vibes. Among them, we find the famous belief associated with rice: through time and cultures, this starchy food is known for energetic cleaning of homes and for attracting luck.

Rice to ward off negative energies from the house

If you feel like bad luck is following you lately, it might be a good idea to give your inner self a boost. Because this place should be perceived as a cocoon of well-being, rest and relaxation. Accumulating a lot of daily stress and tension, once at home all these pests should stay outside. However, if you still feel a form of discomfort in your own environment, perhaps your interior is intoxicated with negative vibrations.

We recommend installing a rice bowl at the entrance to your home to permanently eliminate these suffocating energies. In this way, happiness will enter your home and you will no longer be affected by certain problems. After a while, you will gain serenity and peace of mind.

NB : Some also recommend sprinkling a handful of rice outside in front of the front door or under the doormat. Thus, this ritual also drains happiness, money and prosperity. To ward off misfortune and bad luck, also think about scattering some in the corners of your room, under rugs and on window sills.

Where can we still use rice to attract good vibes?

You can also place a bowl of rice on your desk to attract good energies, promote good career development, or attract a possible promotion.

According to a popular belief, rice would also be a brake on compulsive spending. Some advise women to always keep some beans (21 precisely) in the bag to avoid unnecessary purchases and save money. Men, in turn, could keep it in their trouser pocket or in their wallet. This would be a good omen to overcome the financial difficulties of the moment!

Did you just receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers? In your vase filled with water, don’t hesitate to sprinkle a handful of grains of rice. It also attracts wealth and prosperity. Of course you can install it in a corner at the entrance of your house.

Another cool trick: put small bags of rice in your drawers and cupboards. It not only attracts luck, but also absorbs moisture and bad odors.

Of course, for the increased efficiency of all these little rituals, you must remember to change the grains of rice regularly.

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