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Find out who is entitled to exemption from IPVA in 2022

The year 2021 was when car prices had a scandalous increase and, as a main consequence, the IPVA increase was predicted, since it is a tax that is linked to 1% to 4% of the value of the vehicle in the market, and the percentage is defined by each state.

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However, according to the rules of the tax itself, there are vehicles that are outside the payment list. With this context, check out the information about the 2022 IPVA exemption, as well as the vehicles that are off the list.

What this article covers:

What are the criteria for being entitled to exemption from IPVA by State?

As previously reported, the essential condition for releasing the tax payment is the age of the vehicle. However, the time required to apply for the exemption is determined by the state. So let’s check out the ones that have been released so far.

Cars that are 10 years old will be exempt from paying taxes in the states of Amapá and Rio Grande do Norte. Those that are 15 years old are exempt in Amazonas, Bahia, Distrito Federal, Sergipe, Ceará, Espírito Santo, Maranhão, Pará, Piauí, Paraíba, Rio de Janeiro, Rondônia and Tocantins.

Those aged 18 are free only in Mato Grosso. At 20 years old, cars are exempt in Alagoas, Acre, Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraná and São Paulo. Finally, 30-year-old vehicles are exempt in Pernambuco and Santa Catarina. It is worth remembering that we have two exceptions to the above rules: Minas Gerais removes the IPVA from cars with black license plates and Roraima does the same with agricultural cars, taxis, motorcycles with 160 cc, among others.

How does the IPVA payment work?

In order to pay this tax, the owner of the vehicle must have the Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate (CRLV?? If the driver does not have one, just present the Renavam and the license plate. Payment days are determined by the state, but it is possible to use the state Treasury Department and generate a bill there.

Finally, we finished the approach! I hope that everything about the IPVA exemption in 2022 has been clarified, as well as the criteria for the vehicle to be exempt from the tax. To stay informed about everything that happens in Brazil, stay tuned for news from Mundo das Tribos.

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