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Find out which zodiac signs can fight dirty

If you know a person who, when upset, retaliated, or in trouble, often resorts to trickery and trickery to assert their voice or take revenge, the stars have an explanation. Astrology can tell us a lot about how we react in difficult, complex and adverse situations, and according to the stars there are signs that can fight dirty.

They are not governed by social rules, as long as the world allows it, they will do what is in their power to somehow manipulate the truth and get away with it. While they may choose to fight dirty, it doesn’t mean they always do. They do it as a defense mechanism.

It should be noted that all zodiac signs can be dirty, however, they have it as a last option. Those in this list, shared by the Suggest.com site, are more likely to hit low blows as first or second choice.

Not that he has a bad reputation, however, his pride and ego give him the ability to hit under the table, at least that’s what he thinks. If someone threatens his leadership, status or reputation, he takes out his claws at the slightest provocation, and for this sign the most important thing is his image. His way of playing dirty is not frontal, but passive and indirect.

Scorpios are mysterious and reserved, so it can be difficult to know how they will react in a fight. They will never lower their guard or give up, that is a fact, if you see them passive it is better to take precautions because this sign carefully plans its revenge. This somewhat dark behavior comes to the fore as his defense mechanism.

Cancer is a sensitive sign, emotional and moody in its fighting style. When you involve them in a conflict or harm their loved ones, they may forgive after a while, but they will never forget. He uses the past tense to give cheap and dirty blows because, from his perspective, you were the one who played crooked first..

Something curious goes through the mind of Sagittarius. He prioritizes principles over feelings and under this banner, he can play dirty. For the zodiac archer the end justifies the means, the only thing he will tell you in the end is “it’s nothing personal”. And it’s that his low blows are strategic, not emotional, so it’s hard to know when he’ll choose the dark side.

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