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Find out which zodiac signs are more interested in money than love

Starting a relationship with the sole objective of obtaining a monetary gain is a practice that some people resort to and astrology reveals to us which signs they could belong to.

Relationships that are based on moneyand even get married and have children, could be questioned by romantics who believe that love should be the basis of it, however, when both obtain mutual benefit, no one is harming.

Astrology has a rather interesting explanation around the couples who are more interested in money than love. For some zodiac signs your financial security is more important than romance because that way they can obtain a more prosperous future for their family and themselves.

Who are these zodiac signs? Astrologer Reda Wigle reveals this in an article she wrote for the online version of the New York Post.

He explained that Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of material values, so their tastes often exceed their income. He is more interested in a person who is a provider than a lover as he loves financial comfort.

“As a fixed earth sign, the bulls are built to endure and can endure with utter self-awareness and self-destructive loyalty when love is absent but life is well organized,” Wigle noted.

A curious case is Libra, a sign that wants to work little, but live well. Those of the scale are also ruled by Venus so they tend to prefer economic prosperity that will allow them to enjoy a comfortable life.

“Libras see relationships as transactions and they marry well with good deals,” said the astrologer. This means that, in exchange for monetary security, they are good spouses who keep their house as a museum, work their body as a temple and offer a home to their children.

Sagittarius is a sign that touts preferring experiences to amassing fortunes, but trips around the world, spiritual retreats, spontaneous outings, and festivals cost money.

That’s why the archer may partner with someone who finances his tourist activities, after all, he is not one to establish an instant sentimental connection.

For an Aquarius, everything is a means to an end and more so when they have humanitarian objectives. It is an idealistic sign that is willing to prioritize the money that takes it to finance charitable activities.

“The emotional objectivity of the average Aquarius allows them to see the advantages of marrying for money or dating for money,” said the astrologer.

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