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Find out which PagBank phone number and other contacts!

PagBank has several service channels to facilitate the daily lives of its customers and interested parties, which is why there is a PagBank telephone number. And so, it has been modernizing its means of contact to improve and facilitate service.

No matter where the customer is, technical support is always ready to solve their problem. But it is always good to have the official means of contact, such as the PagBank telephone number, but it is necessary to be aware of possible scams that are currently recurring.

In this content, we gather the PagBank telephone number and other means of contact for the institution’s service. Keep reading!

What this article covers:

Contacts via PagBank phone

Check the PagBank phone number below, more specifically the SAC number:

  • 4003-1775 – Capitals and metropolitan region;
  • 0800-728-2174 – other locations (except cell phones).

If the SAC attendant is unable to solve your problem, you must contact the ombudsman. In this case, if the ombudsman also does not solve the problem, it is necessary to access the regulatory body or go to court.

PagBank Online Contacts

PagBank also has online contacts for the customer to solve problems, make complaints and others. Check it out below:

  • Help PagBank Online;
  • Contact Us PagBank;
  • Chat PagBank for Support;
  • Email PagBank Customer Service.

If the online contacts above do not solve the problem, use the telephone numbers mentioned below.

Main telephone numbers PagBank call centers

PagBank has its main telephones in the call center?? It has telephones for service, sales and ombudsman, which is one of the most important.

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Check below which are the phone numbers to contact.


See below the numbers of the PagBank call center:

  • 4003-1775 – Capitals and metropolitan region;
  • 0800-728-2174 – Other locations (except cell phones).

Numbers are available seven days a week for 24 hours.


The Sales Center has numbers for capitals, metropolitan regions and other regions. If you are interested in buying the Moderninha card machine, the Pagseguro Card or another product.

  • 4003-6624 – Capitals and metropolitan region.
  • 0800-882-1100 – Other locations (except cell phones);

PagBank products can also be purchased on the website, but if you want to do it over the phone, use one of the numbers above.


Check the PagBank Ombudsman number to make complaints:

Remembering that the ombudsman only analyzes queries that have already been made by the SAC and that have not been resolved.

PagBank Social Networks

In addition to the website and contact channels, PagBank is also on social networks. His main social networks are on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin. Check the links below:

  • Facebook;
  • Instagram;
  • Youtube;
  • Linkedin;

Through the social networks above, you can stay on top of PagBank news, in addition to being able to see tutorials that can help you. Remember that if you have a problem with your account, it is not possible to solve it through social networks. Usually, the company directs you to an online chat or other means of contact.

PagBank Social Networks

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As a customer, it is very important to have PagBank’s main means of contact at hand, especially when it comes to your money or any problem that has occurred in your account.

Also, don’t forget to keep your Pagbank account password safe so you don’t end up being a victim of fraud or scam. These actions are increasingly recurrent not only in Brazil, but worldwide.

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