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find out which option is best for you!

InfinitePay or PagSeguro, which is better? This is a doubt of many traders and other entrepreneurs. Both are of excellent quality, but it is clear that one may be better than the other in certain aspects. Understand more below!

What this article covers:

What is InfinitePay?

InfinitePay is an ideal card machine for merchants and other entrepreneurs who want a machine different from the traditional ones. This is because it presents interesting benefits to those who have it.

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One of the main reasons is related to fees, which are really low and become more attractive than other card machine options. It is interesting for anyone who wants a modern, uncomplicated and practical machine to use.

What is PagSeguro?

PagSeguro acts as a form of electronic payments, and is one of the main methods of integration between merchants, card brand, banks, and the final consumer.

The company belonging to Uol contains a credit card machine, which makes life easier for merchants both by providing a secure payment method and a quick way for customers to pay for their purchases.

InfinitePay or PagSeguro: what are the advantages of both?

Now, you can check out the main advantages of InfinitePay or PagSeguro, and decide which of the two machines is the best to be in your establishment. This comparison will help not only in the act of payment, but also to receive the amounts with few fees. Look:

InfinitePay Machine

InfinitePay rates are more affordable, it is possible to receive on business days, which makes it different from others, in addition to having a screen touch screen and payment link, which is a strong differential.

The machine has a multi-operator chip with Wifi included. It is possible to use it all day, as it is perfect for frequent sales, and its battery lasts 12 hours. That way, you won’t have to worry about battery, recharges and other problems that occur in machines from other brands.

PagSeguro Machine

PagSeguro has a variety of card machines, and we can mention among them the Moderninha Smart, which contains a single chip with a data package. Your connection is 4G, with an excellent Wifi of 5GHz.

There is an integrated Android system, as well as a beautiful touchscreen. It has, in addition to the traditional card, stripe, approximation and QR Code. This is a strong advantage of PagSeguro against InfinitePay machines, for example.

What are the fees for each?

InfinitePay or PagSeguro, which has the best rates? These two machines offer advantages, and among them is the rate of the first machine being 1.49% for Visa and Mastercard cards. Elo has a debit rate of 2.49% with balance in 1 business day.

PagSeguro only has a fee of 1.99% for any card brand, be it Elo, Visa or Mastercard. However, it loses badly when it comes to credit cards.

At InfinitePay, cash credit is charged at 2.97% for Visa and Mastercard, Elo 4.16%, Hipercard and Hiper at 3.37%. You would receive this balance in just 1 business day.
For cash credit on PagSeguro, you would have some options and among them, the balance on time with 4.99% charged, 3.99% in 14 days, and 3.19% to receive the balance in 30 days.

Which is the best ATM: InfinitePay or PagSeguro

The final verdict is that although InfinitePay is excellent, PagSeguro remains in the lead due to its acceptance of several brands and vouchers, and the fees are the same for all brands.

In addition to this factor, you will have a digital account to apply for loans, check your investments, recharge your cell phone and apply for the international PagSeguro credit card.

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