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Find out which is the perfect chocolate for each zodiac sign

World Cocoa Day is celebrated on July 7 and there is no better way to commemorate it than by tasting this exquisite gift of nature. Astrology can help us choose the ideal chocolate, which will fill us with joy, according to our zodiac sign.

This anniversary was celebrated for the first time in 2010 promoted by the International Organization of Cocoa Producers and the French Academy of Master Chocolatiers and Confectioners, according to the Diainternacionalde.com site. This product, whose origin is American, has historically been so important that pre-Columbian cultures used it as currency.. Now we have the fortune to taste it in different forms and flavors.

This tasty food provokes a feast of emotions when it touches the palate, and as the signs project feelings, astrology has found a way to associate a chocolate with each one of them. Based on an article on the PinkVilla site, we tell you which one is ideal for your zodiac sign.

Hot chocolate is ideal for the impetuous Aries. Since you live at a thousand an hour, a cup of this rich delicacy in its liquid form will fill your spiritual and emotional tank.

A bar of dark chocolate with walnuts It is the best way to celebrate this day for bullfighting. It is a sign with a sophisticated palate, so this option is ideal for being an elegant combination.

As a social butterfly, Gemini loves to share so the stars suggest buying a big bar of chocolatebreak it into different pieces and eat it in the company of friends or your partner.

A chocolate truffle will transport Cancer directly to the most beautiful memories of his life. If you share it at home and in the company of your loved ones, the experience will be more pleasant.

A Leo is characterized by his greatness, selfishness and good taste, there is no chocolate that better represents your personality than bitter. It will definitely exceed all your expectations.

The perfect flavor of a raspberry bonbon bathed in an exquisite layer of chocolate It is the ideal for Virgo, a sign that wants nothing but the best.

The chocolate bark offers Libra the perfect balance between flavor and aesthetics. This recipe perfectly exemplifies the harmonious personality of this zodiac sign.

For the most intense and mysterious sign of the zodiac, an equally enigmatic flavor is needed. You can find it in the combination of coffee and chocolate.

Adventurous and dynamic, Sagittarius doesn’t settle for just one style. A box with a variety of chocolates It is the ideal for this sign that has no borders.

A Capricorn likes sophisticated flavors. Not impressed with anything so Swiss chocolate is ideal for this disciplined zodiac sign.

A pure, unique and innovative sign needs an equally extravagant flavor. A half dark and half white chocolate bar is the perfect combination for Aquarius.

Pisces is an empathic sign who likes to listen to the sorrows of others. Through the palate your mood improves and a creamy chocolate is the ideal treat to raise your emotional levels.

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