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Find out which celebrities turn 50 in 2023, even if it doesn’t seem like it

In 2023, some of our favorite idols will celebrate their 50th orbit around the sun.

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New year and in this 2023 there are many the entertainment figures who arrive at the “fifth floor”, although at this age in which the typical maturity has surely already been exceeded, but these stars continue to have a stunning body.

For many stars it seems that time does not pass over them, a surprising example of this is the American actor mario lopez who became known in 1989 playing Slater in “Saved by the Bell”, and will be 50 years old and looks almost identical to his beginnings.

We also have the German model Heidi klumwho will join the 50 club in June. Klum is one of the first supermodels and caused a sensation after walking for Victoria’s Secret in 1990.

Another on the list is Jim Parsons, who wowed everyone with his character from Sheldon Cooper in “The Big Bang Theory” and due to his young appearance, many would think that he is a different age, but he will be turning 50 very soon.

The next two on this list achieved stardom for participating in the same series: “Beverly Hills 90210”, both being the youngest in this audiovisual production from the 90s.

We talk about brian austin green Y Tori Spellingalthough they participated in this famous series, after it they did not have a very bright career.

Brian has played low-profile roles in comedy series, which is why at certain times he is more known for his relationships than for his work. For his part, Tori has spoken more about his personal life than about his participation in series or movies.

A member of this list is Dan Harmonwho is responsible for some of the most popular television series in the last century, for example, the hit comedy “Community” and the well-known cartoon series “Rick and Morty”.

On January 9 the famous Jamaican rapper Sean Paul He’s joining the 50-year-old club.

Another member of the music industry that will reach the “fifth floor” is Pharrell Williams, whose birthday is April 5th. Being one of the biggest producers, Williams started his career with the hiphop group “The Neptunes” and has worked with world famous artists like Britney Spears, Usher and Gwen Stefani.

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