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Find out what the Mercado Livre credit card is and its advantages!

The Mercado Livre credit card is a card option launched by the e-commerce platform, currently considered one of the best known in the world. Expanding its portfolio, the company launched the Mercado Livre credit card, ideal for those who like to take advantage of all the promotions on the site.

Get to know the Mercado Livre credit card, how it works and the benefits offered to its customers.

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What is the Mercado Livre credit card?

The Mercado Livre credit card emerged from the union between the company, Banco Itaú and the Visa brand, which brought even more benefits to customers. It works like a normal credit card, that is, it can be used on all websites and physical establishments that accept payment by credit card with the brand.

Advantages of the Mercado Livre credit card

Those who opt for the Mercado Livre credit card can enjoy some exclusive advantages, such as:

  • Possibility of payment in up to 15 interest-free installments on purchases on the Free Market;
  • Cashback of up to 10% on purchases over R$100;
  • Free annuity;
  • It can be used in national and international territory;
  • Ease of payment on platforms that accept Mercado Pago;
  • Monitoring of launches in the application;
  • Revolving credit system.

These are just some of the benefits you can enjoy when choosing the Mercado Livre credit card.

With the platform changes, the Mercado Livre card became the Mercado Pago card. Like its predecessor, it also has the Visa flagfree of annuity, it is possible to pay in up to 18 interest-free installments on Mercado Livre purchases and you can control all your expenses and limits through the application.

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A differential of this card is that your purchases become points for you to exchange for discounts, different shipping opportunities and even make returns for free.

And what is Mercado Pago?

Mercado Pago is a payment platform launched by Mercado Livre. Through it, it is possible to make purchases and payments with different types of credit cards. In addition, it is a platform accepted in several stores and places, not being restricted to Mercado Livre.

Much more than a payment platform, Mercado Pago works as your digital wallet. That is, you can use it to manage your business accounts, receiving payments in different ways and without bureaucracy to control your finances. It is also possible to make payments, make Pix and transfers anytime, quickly and simply.

How to apply?

The new Mercado Livre card can be requested directly through the website. However, it is necessary to register on a waiting list. As vacancies open, the information is analyzed and if your profile is approved, you will receive an email notifying you about the release of the card.

how to apply
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It is important to remember that to apply for your Mercado Livre card, you must have a Mercado Pago account and use the updated version of the application.

Undoubtedly, the Mercado Livre card is an interesting option, full of benefits, for those looking for a safe way to make their purchases. In addition, it is an option that provides even more benefits, for those who do not give up making their purchases through the platform.

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