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Find out what the ideal ritual is for your zodiac sign

When we look for a ritual to fulfill a certain objective such as attracting love, prosperity, luck or health, we find a large number of options and if we don’t know which one to choose, astrology can help us select the most suitable.

Our zodiac sign has strengths that, if we know how to channel them, drive us to achieve our goals. For their part, rituals are procedures based on the magic of popular wisdom to manifest to the universe the things we most long for.

Astrology and esotericism is a powerful combination that could tune us even more with our heart desires. Based on an article from WeMystic.com, a site specialized in spiritual well-being and astrology, we tell you the ideal ritual for your zodiac sign.

Malchedael is the guardian angel of Aries and who gives you courage to face any circumstance. To summon him you just need to light a white or red candle and invoke his presence, so he will get the boost he needs to conquer his goals.

Keep in your bag or backpack 3 fresh and green lemons to attract the prosperity you so desire and ward off negative energies from your environment. When you notice that the citrus fruits turn yellow or change their texture, throw them in the trash and replace them with new ones. Do this ritual when you consider it necessary.

Get a tiger eye quartz and program it to bring you good luck. This mineral is associated with the energy of the twins, so you should only keep it in your bag or pants pocket.

Combine a little cumin with kitchen salt and spread it in each of the corners of your house. When you have to do the cleaning, do it from the inside out. This ritual is to keep negative energies away from your home and keep your loved ones protected.

The sun is the ruling planet of your sign, so to have its strength, brightness and optimism wears a pendant with the figurine of the star king to turn it into your powerful personal amulet.

Light a mixture of frankincense, myrrh, and storax in a pot of charcoal. Open doors and windows while the smoke spreads. This ritual is to purify your home of any negative forms of energy.

Take with you a rose quartz, connected to the heart chakra, to enhance self-love. Before using it, remember to purify it and program it for this purpose.

For good luck and boost your income, you have to wear a key or a pendant in the shape of a key as an amulet. You can hang it on your neck, put it in your wallet, pocket or inside where you keep your business money.

Get a sack of purple fabric and put some bay leaves. When you want to achieve a goal, carry this amulet with you until it comes true.

Place the figure of the cornucopia on your desk or business. This way you can boost your profits in the business or be more successful in your work.

Tie 3 Chinese coins with a red ribbon or thread and keep them in your wallet. This Feng Shui ritual will activate your prosperity sector.

You are the sign that absorbs the energies of the surroundings the most, that’s why you should purify yourself from time to time. Do it after your morning shower by placing sea salt in your hand and gently rub your entire body with a closed fist from top to bottom in small circles. The salt will never touch your body. Throw it down the drain and rinse it out to get rid of the negative charge.

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