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find out what the five ways are

Relationships are paramount so that we can evolve as people, act with kindness and empathy with others, especially with those we love and have a certain affection for. Having a relationship with someone is not easy, both family and friends and a partner require an effort to understand the other, what is going on, the signs and something essential, the love language. To evolve your relationship for the better and for one to understand each other more, come and find out what the five love languages.

Each person is different, has their own values ​​and goals, for someone to be part of the person’s life, there is a process, that of getting to know the other. As you get to know each other, you will learn about the person you are in a relationship with, likes, hobbies, what the routine is like and with that, the two evolve into a relationship. Creating a relationship with someone takes effort in many situations, as you are entering a “different world” to want to be a part of that person’s life.

A relationship has essential pillars like; trust, loyalty and respect, without these main pillars, a relationship has no possibility of evolution, much less for individuals to grow for themselves. Relationships are constant learning, every day something new tends to be learned, there are good and bad times, like all situations we go through during life. A relationship can be identified as healthy, as follows:

  • If you bring out the best in your partner;
  • Set healthy boundaries;
  • Problems are not left for later, they are solved;
  • There is communication between both parties.

For a relationship to be healthy requires much more of yourself, because you can only develop if you have self-love, self-knowledge and confidence in yourself. If you don’t have and don’t try to evolve these pillars of your life, any relationship you try to build will lack one of the pillars mentioned above that are essential in a relationship. Work and seek to evolve your inner self before entering into a relationship, before trying to build it without a solid foundation.

There are several books on behavioral psychology, relationships and personal development that may be helping the process of self-knowledge, relationship development and learning a little about the behaviors of human beings. Evolving on your own makes everything more special, as the search for knowledge must be constant, to improve your relationships with people and the book on the 5 languages ​​of love can be important.

With more than 30 years of experience in couples counseling, Gary Chapman realized over that time that each person has a way of showing the love they feel for the other with a different gesture. When there is no understanding between both parties about how the love they feel for the other is shown, there is a disagreement and it happens that they do not reach a consensus, thus there is a communication failure. It is essential to know the languages ​​of love to develop lasting relationships.

Book The 5 languages ​​of love. (Photo: Reproduction/Libraria Pesquisa)

Love languages ​​are important for those who want to develop and learn more about relationships, how to evolve and grow in this area of ​​life. They are separated into 5 ways, after identifying your love language and that of your partner, by practicing, you will reap the benefits, as it is a lifelong learning that will never be forgotten, so, not only in love relationships, but It can also be practiced with family and friends.

These are the 5 love languages ​​treated in Gary Chapman’s book that are lifelong learnings and for your relationships to be more lasting and prosperous.

What are the 5 love languages?

1. Words of Affirmation

Words of affirmation. (Photo: Reproduction/UOL)

Those who have this language feel valued, important and trustworthy when hearing their partner’s words of affirmation. Listening to things that warm the heart and make sure you are with the right person and on the right track with them. For example; hearing a constant I love you or words of encouragement. These are some very common phrases constantly said by those who use the words of affirmation.

2. Quality time

Quality time. (Photo: Playback/Pinterest)

Quality time already says a lot, spending a good time with the loved one, enjoying being around for a long time, receiving full attention while you are with him/her during this period. Some examples are: going out to dinner or even just staying home and watching a movie. What matters to that person is being together, but if you don’t pay enough attention, the person feels that they didn’t receive your attention at that moment while they were with you.

3. Physical touch

Physical touch. (Photo: Reproduction/Samara Medeiros)

For those who have this as their main love language, through physical touch it is possible to demonstrate that they love the person, with touches and caresses throughout the day. For example; a caress, a hug and a kiss. These are some examples of showing affection through physical touch and not only in everyday life, but also during the sexual act, in foreplay. There are several ways to show your love for physical touch and make your partner feel loved.

4. Acts of Service

Acts of service. (Photo: Reproduction/Nutritotal)

Acts of service are done by those people who like to always be willing to do something, to act kindly towards the other person, this is one of the most common acts seen as the language of love in people. Some examples are: offering help with something, helping to make a meal or take care. These are the main ways to demonstrate acts of service to those who feel loved and understood in this way.

5. Gifts

Gifts. (Photo: Reproduction/Women’s Tips)

The last language is not about monetary value, but about being reminded, by the other person to stop, think and choose something special to give on one occasion to another. Who doesn’t love receiving gifts, right? Coming from the person you love makes everything more special, so the person feels much more loved and knows the size of the importance for the other.

Is it possible to have more than one love language? Yes, it’s possible. Psychologist Ana Faustino explains that, based on Gary Chapman’s book, each one has a primary language, when someone is heard communicating in that language, there is perfect understanding. According to the professional, “that is, this language connects me with the other, makes me feel really perceived, valued, respected, loved the language that speaks most to my heart, that speaks most to me.”

We talk about relationships, how they can be healthy and about the 5 love languages. If you didn’t know, take the opportunity to enjoy this extensive content with information about the love language of each human being and how to demonstrate it to your partner.

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