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Find out what the Euro quotation is today at Banco do Brasil

Do you want to know the quotation of the Euro today in Branco do Brasil, in Reais? The Euro is undoubtedly one of the strongest currencies in the world, and as a result many people have the thought of buying it and reselling it when it increases in value. To this end, Banco do Brasil informs the quotation of this currency every day, in addition to providing the possibility of buying the currency in the same bank.

The Euro, like the dollar and other currencies, have large price variations, due to various countries adhering to the currency. Find out now what the Euro quotation is today at Banco do Brasil.

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What is the Euro trend for 2022?

The Euro has a trend of growth in its value for 2022, compared to the real. But with the dollar currency it may decline later this year, due to the expectation of interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve.

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The pandemic caused the real to devalue even more against the Euro and this difference could increase even more.

How to know the quotation of the Euro by BB?

To find out the current Euro rate at Banco do Brasil is very simple! For this, you must download the bank application on your cell phone. Afterwards, you must log in and look for the “exchange rates” option, where you will have access to quotations not only for the Euro, but also for several other currencies.

How to buy or sell Euros through Banco do Brasil?

This can be done directly in the bank application, just access the “exchange” option, then “buy foreign currency” and after that select the Euro currency. If this is the first time you are making the purchase, release the option using the sms that will be sent to your cell phone.

Euro quote in real time

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What is the Euro exchange rate in January 2022?

In January, the currency oscillation was quite large, and during every day there were significant changes in its value. Below you can see all the days in January and the value of the Euro in each of them:

Date Purchase Sale
01/03/2022 6.3566 6.3595
01/04/2022 6.4207 6.4219
01/05/2022 6.4181 6.4210
01/06/2022 6.4416 6.4435
01/07/2022 6.4385 6.4415
01/10/2022 6.4196 6.4225
01/11/2022 6.3884 6.3908
01/13/2022 6.3305 6.3317
01/14/2022 6.3274 6.3286
01/17/2022 6.2770 6.2799
01/18/2022 6.2610 6.2639
01/19/2022 6.2355 6.2384
01/20/2022 6.1470 6.1478
01/21/2022 6.1717 6.1729
01/24/2022 6.2080 6.2103
01/25/2022 6.1957 6.1985
01/26/2022 6.1271 6.1288
01/27/2022 6.9983 6.0011
01/28/2022 6.0217 6.0245
01/31/2022 6.0060 6.0073

As stated at the beginning, upward trends in the Euro quotation are expected throughout 2022, so if you want to invest in that currency, stay tuned daily.

What was the Euro exchange rate in 2002? See how the values ​​have risen!

We see that the values ​​increased significantly if we compare with the occasion in 2002. At that time, the Euro was worth more or less R$2.50, which shows an extreme difference from what we have today.

Buying coins can be an interesting way to increase your income, because it is possible to earn with the variation of the same every day when using a lot of study of situations.

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