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Find out what rights the military does not have! Check out!

There are some rights that the military does not have that make them different from part of society. Dreamed by many young people, the military career has great attractions, but also limitations.

Those who choose to follow the path of the Armed Forces do not have access to some specific rights that are normally granted to Brazilian workers who perform their functions under the CLT regime. Follow the text until the end and see the advantages and disadvantages of a military career.

What this article covers:

What are the benefits of a military career?

The advantages associated with a military career are quite attractive and this is what makes many people think about entering this world. Job security, for example, is a good example of this, as the military have very low chances of being dismissed (expelled), which only happens after possible administrative processes.

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The right to licenses and leave of different types is also something that draws attention in the career of the military. They can be absent from the service, with due authorization, in different situations, such as: marriage, mourning, moving, to take care of their own health or that of family members, etc.

Assistance with housing, education (for dependents) and health, granting a pension, differentiated rules for retirement in relation to civilians, an effective system of promotion and career progression, transportation assistancebirth rate and funeral are some other advantages of a military career that are worth mentioning.

What rights do the military not have: compared to CLT workers

The military, despite being awarded many advantages characteristic of their occupation, are not entitled to the FGTS, for example. The Severance Indemnity Fund is a mechanism that serves as a cash reserve for when formal workers lose their jobs or for other specific situations.

Another right that the military does not have is the right to go on strike and/or join unions, rights that are guaranteed for some categories of employees who carry out their duties with a formal contract. There is a law that supports this prohibition and not respecting it can lead to severe punishments, such as expulsion from the corporation, for example.

Disadvantages of a Military Career

On the disadvantages that exist in the military career, it can be mentioned: the absence of food vouchers, the rigidity when registering absences from work (any soldier who is absent for more than 24 hours from his post is absent), limitations on rights civil (to join some bodies, for example, the aspirant cannot have children), limitation on participation and political manifestation, among other things.

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