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Find out if your zodiac sign is alpha or beta

A curious category that we can find in astrology is the classification of the zodiacal signs in alpha and beta. Although they may share traits of both groups, in the end one predominates and to find out, their personality must be analyzed.

Alphas have the qualities of a leaderThey make firm decisions that influence others. They are passionate, independent, know what they want, are distinguished by their openness and self-confidence.

For its part, betas prefer to be part of a group. They are more emotional and passive, but very spiritual, sweet, affectionate and skilled in the art of communication.

Being alpha or beta is not better or worse. Everyone has their own strengths and areas of opportunity. According to an interesting article published on the Johnjay and Rich site, we tell you which side your zodiac sign is located on.

Aries are an alpha sign because they are determined, they are ready for whatever comes their way, they have a tough and intimidating attitude. His character, while volatile, is inspiring.

Taurus is a beta sign because he is the guy who supports, values ​​friendship, is a great listener and offers a shoulder to cry on. Although his character is usually stubborn, he is inclined to the sensations of the moment.

Gemini sign is beta because he is usually understanding, does things just for the fun of it, and is happy hanging out with friends and loved ones. Plus, they go with the flow and are flexible.

For his ability to embrace emotions, Cancer is a beta sign. Express what you feel in the moment and act based on your heart. He is very empathetic and sensitive.

Being a dominant sign, assertive and who likes to be in charge is an alpha sign. He likes to show how sure of himself he is and stands out as a born leader.

Virgo is an alpha sign because you need to be in control. He is one of those people who naturally fits into leadership roles. He has no problem making his own decisions or on behalf of a team.

Believing that collaboration, friendship and diplomacy is a beta sign. His qualities are being kind, friendly, caring and understanding.

Because of his passionate personality falls on the alpha side. He does not shy away from confrontation and imposes himself on people who do not agree or do not like him. In addition, he is loyal and very dedicated.

Live the life of a single moment, following your passions and instincts, that’s why is an alpha sign. He is not afraid to express himself as he is, in addition, he is brave to defend his beliefs and ideals.

Being controlled and very cold astrology places it on the alpha side. He understands that you have to be tough for things to happen. This sign is resilient and if he gets down, he gets up quickly to move on.

Aquarius is a beta sign for being intelligent, but spiritual. You like to go at your own pace and prefer collaboration. However, being independent tends to have alpha tendencies.

Of all the signs, Pisces is the most beta. In addition to being sweet, gentle and even shy, he is always in touch with his emotions and is the most intuitive.

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