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Find out how to work with free market deliveries!

With the advancement of the internet, the demand for working with deliveries is constantly growing, as is the case with parcel deliveries, which grew absurdly in the pandemic due to the high rates of purchases on websites.

One of the biggest, which is Mercado Livre, expanded its business and ensured a way for anyone to deliver their goods. And for that he launched an application where it is possible to register to make deliveries to the site itself. Therefore, let’s talk about how to work with deliveries for the free market.

What this article covers:

What is the free market?

Mercado Livre is a website where anyone can, in a way, advertise their products. It serves as a kind of marketplace, where if you are a company or are even just starting out, you can publish your products and wait for potential customers to search for the published term.

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It is one of the largest commerce sites that we currently have in Brazil, which even gained a strong competitor, which is Shopee?? At MercadoLibre, you can find any type of product, in addition to offering several free shipping benefits according to the region you live in and the amount spent.

How do free market deliveries work?

Mercado Livre has several types of deliveries, and usually Mercado Envios is used, in which an authorized carrier handles the entire product delivery process. In this modality, customers have discounts on delivery, according to what they have spent, and there is still the possibility of having free shipping.

As soon as the seller issues the bill, the carrier goes to the selling company and collects the product, and so they ship it according to the place where each package goes. In cities like São Paulo, there is even the possibility of receiving it on the same day of purchase, in addition to the fact that free market delivery is already very fast.

How to work for Mercado Livre?

To work as a courier at Mercado Livre, you must first download the Mercado Envios Extra application. After downloading, you must register on the platform, and to achieve this you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Having a vehicle up to 15 years old in good condition, the vehicle may be in the name of a third party as long as it is regular.
  2. If you use a motorcycle as transport, you must have a trunk or backpack that can hold at least 80 liters.
  3. Have a driving license (CNH).
  4. Must have a CNPJ Mei in delivery mode.

After registering with all these requirements, you will undergo training that will teach you all the processes that must be done.

Free market jobs

Mercado Livre does not set a maximum number of vacancies for couriers, so just register and it will send you routes that must be followed and the final value of each of them that you will earn.

Is it worth it to be a Free Market courier?

The values ​​received for each route are interesting, but it is important to emphasize that the cost of gasoline is on its own. So when calculating the profit at the end of the day, you must remove the cost used to make deliveries.

But for people who don’t have a steady job or want extra income, working with deliveries is very interesting to earn extra money.

With the evolution in internet sales, this type of profession can be even more requested and soon new stores can request the service, so it is important to always keep an eye on the news.

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