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Find out how to get a high limit credit card!

Having a high limit on your credit card is a facility for anyone who wants to buy products with higher values, or even undergo renovations and even rent a house.

But getting a high limit on your credit card isn’t always an easy task. Luckily, there are some tips when applying for your card that can help you get a good limit, check it out.

What this article covers:

When it comes to raising your credit card limit, some good practices can help to do this without difficulty and even without requesting this raise. Check out our tips:

Make use of the same credit card

If you already have a credit card, use it as much as possible.

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That’s why it’s recommended that you have few cards and always try to use them, because that way, you’ll get the bank to identify you and increase your limit, even without you asking.

Keep your bills up to date

When you pay your bills on time, don’t delay and don’t have problems with banks, card operators identify you as a good payer. This way your limit can also be increased more easily.

Avoid installments

Although tempting, paying for purchases in installments is not always the best option for your finances. Therefore, avoid making purchases in installments and prefer to pay them in cash whenever possible.

Have a good score

The score is a system that scores each person with a grade. The higher this score, the better that person’s credit. That way, when applying for a new credit card, it is quite possible that you already get a high limit right away.

Have proof of income up to date

When making your credit card, proof of income is always sent. But, it is important to always keep them updated in case there is a change in your income, so you can also increase your limit.

Which cards offer high limits?

Although getting a high limit on your credit card depends on many reasons, there are some card options that make it a little easier, such as:

PagBank card

The Pagseguro credit card, which can be used nationally and abroad. With it you can get exclusive promotions and discounts and still be free of annuity, great for those who want to spend little.


In the basic version, a minimum income is not required, but an annuity is charged in both models. In addition, it does not accumulate miles.


The Trigg credit card offers cashback, which is an even greater incentive for you to use your card to make purchases.

Méliuz card

He has no annuity and still has cashback. Also, you can make and receive Pix and still use your card inside and outside the country.

Santander SX

This is also an option full of benefits, but without a doubt its differential is being able to make withdrawals using your credit card and pay it when you receive the invoice.


One of the most used today, this credit card is free of fees, annuity and you have control of your limit in the palm of your hand.

PicPay Card

With PicPay Card, you are free of annuity and you can still enjoy cashback. Another positive point is that with this card you are a member of the Mastercard Surpreenda benefits program.


Bradesco offers several credit card options, which you can choose according to your needs.


Famous for its colors, the CG6 also offers several benefits to customers. Having options that meet the needs of individuals, companies and also individual micro-entrepreneurs.

If it’s your first credit card or you’ve been through trouble that has left your score low, it can be a little more difficult to get a high limit.

Can I have a credit card with a low score?
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However, it is possible to get a credit card and gradually increase your limit.

Which credit cards for bad credit?

Although difficult, it is not impossible to have a credit card when you are negative. There are some card options that can accept negative cards:

Bradesco Elo Card

Bradesco Consignado INSS is an interesting option for those with a dirty name. Precisely because it is consigned, the payment is made on your payroll, without the risk of forgetting to pay.

BMG Card

One of the most requested negative card options. By not requiring a minimum income and not consulting the SPC and Serasa, it is easier to have this card approved. If you’re having trouble getting a high limit on your credit card, take it easy and put our tips into practice. That way, you’ll soon see your limit increase more easily

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