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Find out how to contour your face using lipstick

Lipstick is an essential part of our cosmetics collection. In fact, our makeup is incomplete without it. But did you know that you can use lipstick as a substitute for other beauty products?

Yea! You heard right, ladies. A lipstick is not necessarily used on the lips. You can use it to replace blush, eye shadow and even contour. Let’s see if women can create a perfect face contour with lipstick!

For contour learning

If you’re not a contouring pro and aren’t sure if you’re ready to succumb to this makeup technique, you can dig into your cheeks by applying a few hints of lipstick in a brown shade in a linear motion from the temple to the hollow of the cheek. The same applies to draping. If you can use a pink lipstick as a blush, you can also be tempted by this makeup technique that consists of sculpting the face through different shades of pink applied to the cheekbones and cheeks.

Use a brown eyeshadow

If you like neutral shades of makeup, you would definitely have a pair of brown lipsticks. Since most women buy the shade of lipstick that would complement their skin tone. There is a greater possibility that you would have the right brown color to create perfect contour lines.

Contouring can be done using a single shade of brown. However, if you have both dark and light shades, you can create a defined contour with minimal effort. It will help to highlight your features to perfection.

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Use a cream textured lipstick

Lipstick texture is crucial to consider. If the lipstick has a creamy texture like most of your beauty products, the contour lines will blend effortlessly. It won’t look uneven either.

However, if you wear glossy or matte lipstick, you may not have the definition you are looking for. These textures may not blend in with the rest of your makeup. So, before contouring your face, you should consider the texture of the lipstick.

Find the contour or section points on your face

To get a perfect contour, you must be aware of the sections of your face that you need to apply the product. If you don’t choose the right place, you may not get the look you want. Forehead, cheeks and jaw are the sections where you apply contour.

Women looking for extra definition can draw the lines using lipstick. If you are looking to achieve a natural look, you can simply place small dots along the contour sections.

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Use a damp sponge

If you are using lipstick to contour your face, use a damp beauty blender. Women often make the mistake of using a dry sponge, and it won’t work. Instead, it will create a mess.

If you use a damp sponge to blend the lines and dots, it will work efficiently to create a perfect contour. You’ll get the perfect eyeshadow look and won’t forget to bring out the contour.

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