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find out how to avoid pain and injury

Low back pain is felt in the smallest gestures. Find out how simple it is to help avoid pain and learn how to treat this type of injury.

Out of 10 people, 8 have, or will have at least once in their lives, pain in the lower back. This pain may or may not be associated with sciatic pain (low back pain), radiating to the buttocks and/or leg. And low back pain can be quite debilitating.

The signs and symptoms most common symptoms may be discomfort in the lower back, severe pain, stiffness, burning sensation, back lock with difficulty moving, inability to stand or walk with correct posture.

Often, the low back pain is transient, that is, it ends up slowly disappearing without the person seeking therapeutic help. On other occasions, the pain comes and goes, ending up staying and running the risk of becoming chronic🇧🇷 If low back pain is part of your life, you need to know which daily events compromise your low back.

Low back pain: the most critical movements

Why can simple movements like fetching a glass from the cupboard or picking up a toy from the floor cause problems, rather than more challenging movements like low back pain?

When it comes to your lower back, there are two critical moments of the day that put you at risk!

The first is in the morning🇧🇷 When you wake up, your back may have accumulated more fluid as a result of resting, with extra fluid occurring in the elements that make up your spine. Among these elements are the intervertebral discs, which are a kind of cushion that cushion the impact of movements and loads supported by the spine.

A simple movement like bending forward or twisting your torso as soon as you wake up can do substantial damage to your discs and lower back muscles. It seems unfair that something so simple, which you’ve done thousands of times in your life, can suddenly cause you such a sharp pain that you can’t straighten up.

The other critical moment for low back pain is after sitting🇧🇷 Long journeys by car or plane, long periods of time sitting and leaning over your desk are especially threatening scenarios for your back! The ligaments and tendons were stretched for a long time, which increased the sensitivity of the nerves and surrounding structures in the lumbar area, causing a sensation of pain. When she gets up for the first time, there’s a stabbing pain so intense it freezes him crooked and barely able to breathe!

How to avoid lower back pain

If your back is vulnerable, these events can contribute to crises such as low back pain. What to do?

Getting a good night’s sleep in a super comfortable bed might not be enough to start the day off right. When you get up, do small warm up moves that gently activate your joints and muscles in order to disperse excess accumulated fluids. add a short walking, massage the lumbar area with the palms of your hands and give your body time to wake up! Abrupt movements with great amplitude can get you into trouble.

When you sit down, adopt a posture more straight. Do not slump forward over the computer, over the desk or over the plane’s reclining table. This simple care can make all the difference. Use a lumbar support. This could be a roller or a rolled-up towel to help keep your spine straight.

The longer you sit and the worse the seat, the greater the risk of low back pain. When traveling by car, make frequent stops, every hour if necessary. In the plane travel it’s difficult to get up and move around, and the moment the plane comes to a stop, your tendency is to bend over to get things under your seat or stand up and twist to get luggage from the overhead bin. After a long journey, give a few seconds of back bending, slowly move your back to reset your position. spine🇧🇷

Standing, when bending down to pick something up off the ground, use the bending of the knees instead of the back.

Self-care for your back will require you to maintain these habits for a long time to reduce the risk of triggering low back pain or relieving pain.

Young man on sofa with low back pain

How to treat low back pain

You should always seek help if your problem is not resolved, if it gets worse or if it causes limitations in your day-to-day life. The use of analgesic, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant medications prescribed by the doctor are a very frequent measure to combat local pain. In the case of low back pain, it is not always possible to take them and they do not always resolve completely.

Acupuncture and massage are a therapeutic combination that has revolutionized our health landscape. The ground it has conquered is essentially due to therapeutic gains, increasingly evident in pain control.

With regard to acupuncture, the insertion of very fine needles into the surface of the body, it is possible to drastically reduce low back pain or even eliminate it completely, without side effects. Massage becomes a great ally in muscle relaxation, alignment and functional recovery of the spine, thus overcoming low back pain.

Article originally published in November 2021. Updated in November 2022.

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