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find out how to apply for yours and who is really entitled

The MEI is currently one of the means most used by Brazilians to formalize what they do. And even with this modality, the health plan is indicated for your own protection if you need it.

But many people don’t know how it works, and if they really have the right to apply for a health plan linked to a CNPJ. And recently the demand for this kind of thing has grown exponentially as the plan for companies is 35% cheaper than a common individual plan.

What this article covers:

How much does a health plan for MEI cost?

The values ​​of health plans will vary according to the contracted company. Currently there are several that encompass the service for microentrepreneurs. And it’s up to the individual to choose the one that currently fits best for him.

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Below are some companies that offer this service and the amounts they charge according to the chosen plan:

Amil Health Plan

This plan has one of the largest varieties on the market, with very variable prices. Currently considered one of the best in the field of health plans. Prices can range from R$254.86 to R$1,516.59.

This value varies according to the selected plan and the age of the people linked to the service provided.

Unimed National Center

This plan has coverage nationwide or just for some specific regions. And it has a different form, which is co-participation, and to use it, another person must be included.

There are three formats that are included in the company, such as classic Unimed; Unimed Style and Absolute Unimed. Each service has some type of benefit, which Unimed Absoluto is the most complete among them.

What is the best health plan for MEI?

There is no better plan for a MEI entrepreneur, in fact, you must assess what benefits each company brings with its services. And according to what you need at the moment, you request that benefit in question.

But you should always be aware, because with the modernity of the internet, new companies come up with miraculous values ​​that are often frauds to steal data and use it at other times.

Who has MEI pays cheaper health plan?

The answer is yes. The plans associated with the worker holding a MEI are much cheaper than a conventional plan for an individual. This guarantees a very good benefit when hiring a specific plan, as it is cheaper than any other format.

For micro-entrepreneurs, values ​​can be up to 30% cheaper than for people who sign up with their CPF.

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