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Find out how to anticipate your FGTS birthday withdrawal with PAN

Thousands or tens of thousands perhaps, of Brazilians have a very stable professional life and do not suffer from the prospect of being fired in the short term without just cause, but they need short-term money that may be frozen unused in the FGTS and the birthday withdrawal.

Who doesn’t want an increase in their financial life without having to spend extra time working for it, right?

There are even financial applications that can yield more than the FGTS, so it would be a contradiction to keep the money stored in government coffers without use, stopped if there is the possibility of putting it to profit and “work” for you.

A great novelty is the current government program called the FGTS anniversary withdrawal, this opportunity is being embraced by many Brazilians who see in the modality a great chance to get out of the red, conquer some dreams or have an income that they can invest in some asset. Let’s get to know this modality of withdrawal of FGTS its possible anticipation at the PAN bank in the form of a loan.

What this article covers:

What is the FGTS birthday withdrawal?

Fundo de Garantia or FGTS is like a large personal deposit based on length of service registered and administered by the government that holds your money for a critical occasion of loss of income that is in case you are dismissed in a so-called “without cause”. Even the employer must pay a fine on top of the FGTS to dismiss his employee under these conditions.

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The FGTS birthday withdrawal is therefore a modality that allows the worker to withdraw his inactive FGTS from this deposit on or around the date of his birthday. This withdrawal is not total and has a limit of 50%.

How to opt for the birthday withdrawal?

Electing for the FGTS birthday withdrawal is very easy! First you need to download the FGTS application on your smartphone and select the “anniversary withdrawal” mode instead of the “termination withdrawal”.

Banco PAN offers yet another advantage for those who need the money more urgently and cannot wait until their birthday. Through the PAN bank, you have the opportunity to anticipate the FGTS birthday withdrawal to a date obviously prior to your birthday.

How to anticipate the FGTS birthday withdrawal with PAN

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With Banco PAN, it is possible to make a kind of “anticipation” of the FGTS anniversary withdrawal, which actually works as a loan. The bank analyzes your FGTS balance and then responds to your request. The customer who wants to contract the anticipation of the withdrawal of the FGTS by the PAN bank must allow the visualization of his data by third-party banks in the FGTS application.

After selecting this option, just go to the PAN bank application in the loan area and look for the FGTS loan option. Once the correct loan option is selected, the PAN bank application will ask for some information, which after providing the option “I did everything and want to hire” will appear, which will formalize the loan.

Do you need to be a PAN customer to contract the birthday withdrawal?

Yes, to request the “loan” of the anniversary withdrawal, you must be registered with the PAN bank.

How can I authorize the PAN bank to check my FGTS balance?

In the FGTS application, the customer who wants the loan must check the option to view their data banks so that the PAN bank can analyze their request.

How long does it take to receive the money in the PAN digital account?

The loan money will fall when your application is approved.

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