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Find out how much money a Youtuber earns (shocking figures)

It’s not a mystery how much money a YouTuber makes, and if you’re wondering, you might want to become one of them. This is a work of perseverance and dedication that you should evaluate, because not all of them are very successful.

YouTubers are dedicated to producing their audiovisual content. This can have a single theme or cover different topics, but all of them are created to be viewed on the YouTube platform.

Let’s see how much a YouTuber earns with his productions for every thousand, hundred thousand or one million views, and find out here who are currently earning the most.

What factors determine how much a youtuber earns

Earning money with YouTube will depend on several factors, including ads served on your videos, sponsorship when you start to gain visibility and CPM, which is the cost per thousand. We explain to you.

Every thousand visits, advertisers will pay for them, the youtuber will keep a part and the other part will be obtained by the platform.

Therefore, the quality of the videos is extremely important as well as their quantity: most recommend maintaining a rhythm of 3 videos per week.

Before you start your channel, do some research, polish your knowledge or passion, organize it and decide to create content to earn money.

Examples of Top Earning YouTubers and CPM Rank

How the measurement is made to know how much a youtuber earns will depend on different factors.

Among them the country where the video is seen, in the United States advertising pays a little more than in Latin America.

The duration of the video is also taken into account, the longer the better.

Also, the platform pays attention if people watch it to the end. Let’s see some examples of youtubers with more subscribers and earnings.


He is a Swedish YouTuber who started out in the United States and is currently based in Japan. He started his channel in 2010 by uploading entertainment and comedy videos, as well as videos about internet culture and gaming.

It has 111,000,000 subscribers.

How much does a youtuber like PewDiePie earn? This youtuber earns an average of $72,700 to $1,200,000 monthly. Craziness.

Marina Mogilko

He lives in the United States and is from Russia, he has 1 million subscribers with which he generates approximately $10,000 per month.

His videos show the culture of North America, iconic places and mainly focuses on teaching, in a fresh and fun way, the English language.

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Luisito Communicates

With 39.5 M subscribers, he is one of the most famous Spanish-speaking YouTubers, based in Mexico.

He created his channel in 2012 and currently has 7,935,554,647 views on his YouTube space.

Knowing these data we can approximate how much a youtuber of his size earns, which is in the order of $58,800 to $844,400 monthly.

It is a channel with a fresh tone that remains active generating interesting content. Many have followed in his footsteps, which is why he has become a benchmark for aspiring youtubers.

If you want to earn money traveling this channel is a reference.

Hi I am German

Although this channel no longer has current videos for more than 5 years, it is still generating profits for its creator, the Chilean Germán Garmendia.

This space on YouTube generates 4.5 million dollars a year and has 4,760,083,867 views.

This is a great example, because we can consider it as a source of passive income. The snowball effect works on investments, yes, but also on YouTube.

Earning structure on YouTube

how much does a youtuber earn

Regarding the earnings structure on YouTube, it is variable and, as we clarified previously, it will be differentiated by the area from where the video is viewed, the number of views, and the time the user spends watching it.

In this sense, we show you how much a youtuber earns per thousand views or what is equal to the CPM:

  • For 1,000 views you earn between 4 and 34 dollars.
  • From 100,000 views, between $500 and $2,500.
  • For 1 million views you could earn between $2,000 and up to $40,000.

Get advice before starting a YouTube channel

Investigate on your own how to do it in the best way, plan the topic or topics that you are going to deal with and be constant.

If you take it as a job and knowing how much a youtuber earns with discipline and quality content, you will see your effort rewarded.

The opportunity remains huge as YouTube offers more and more possibilities. Take advantage of!

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