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Find out how Mercado Pago’s “Pix in term” will work

The term Pix is ​​very close to happening and the first to test this modality will be Mercado Pago, well before the Central Bank launches it, which at the moment has no date to be released.

A new payment option will be available in the Mercado Pago digital wallet, which will be the Pix in installments, in fact, clothing and health companies have already started testing this new fashion with their customers and they are: C&A and Renner, Drogaria SP and Drogaria Pacheco.

According to the director of Mercado Pago, this opportunity was mainly due to the high incidence of higher average tickets ever recorded in purchases. Therefore, the consumer may have the chance to choose installment purchases, which will facilitate payments.

What this article covers:

Will there be interest rates?

Yes, all installment payments made by Pix will be charged according to the interest rate of the user in question. Certainly, it will have variations that should be analyzed by the companies, in addition to the total value of each purchase or even the customer’s score.

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Retail stores will charge very competitive rates depending on the size of each business. This serves to attract more retailers to join this modality.

What is the term Pix?

In general, Pix in installments will allow the customer to be able to install their purchases without having to use their credit card. It will be very useful when it is released by the Central Bank, still without a prior date, so it is interesting to stay tuned for new information from the BC.

Another method designed to be used on Pix is ​​the one that makes it possible to schedule payments, and simply serves the user to be able to schedule an appointment for any day of the week.

Pix in the Free Market

For consumers who do not usually make purchases through the website, payments by Pix have been available for some time, and it is enough just to select the PIX option when making the payment and the website itself creates a random key, so that it will only be necessary to copy it in the bank field and type the amount to send the payment. It’s instantaneous.

Another service offered by Mercado Livre, for those who buy in installments through Mercado Crédito, can pay for PIX and the value drops at the same time!

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