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Find out how many Pix keys you can have and how it works

With this new payment tool created in 2020, many people are wondering “how many pix keys can I have?” and “Is there a limit?”.

You have this doubt, read the article to clear all your doubts and find out how it really works.

What this article covers:

How is Pix registered?

When accessing your bank’s app, you will have the Pix option available on an icon, click on that icon. Next, select the option “register key”.

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Choose if you want to register CPF, mobile, email or random key, press continue, then confirm. Now your Pix key is already registered and you can receive payments through it.

When typing the pix key to make a payment, the bank details belonging to the person who will receive the money appear on the screen. So you have the security that you sent to the right person.

Is it possible to have Pix in different banks?

Yup. But remember that the keys must be different from each other, especially if it is in

another bank. If you register your phone number as a pix key at Banco Inter, at Banco Itaú you cannot use the same number.

How do Pix keys work?

They are part of a new payment system, which transfers money instantly from one account to another, at any time of the day.

Don’t wait anxiously until the next day to receive your payment, request the PIX as a payment method. Even on holidays or weekends, you can receive the money in a few seconds.

Can I use the same Pix key in different banks?

Not. The ideal is to choose to create a new key with different information. This applies to both natural and legal persons.

What Pix key options?

You can opt for your CPF, email, phone number or random key to register your Pix key. This random key is for those who do not want to share their information, so a key consisting of random letters and numbers is created.

You can delete your key at any time. Some people create a random key to receive a payment, then delete it to deactivate it. And when there is a need, they create a key again.

Is there a Pix key limit per account?

Yup. As an individual, you are allowed to register up to 5 pix keys per account. In the case of a legal entity, up to 20 pix keys are allowed in a bank account.

Is there a difference between Pix and transfers like TED and DOC?

Bank transfers (TED and DOC) have a high fee and still take a while to reach the recipient’s account. The payment only falls on business days, if it is made on weekends or holidays, it will only appear on the account on the next business day.

Pix does not require a fee to transfer money to individuals, legal entities pay a small fee and those who receive it can check that the money arrived in the account at the same time.

Is it possible to pay in Pix without having the key?

Pix can only be carried out with the bank details of the person you want to pay, unless they don’t have the key.

To do so, you must enter the amount and fill in data such as name, individual or legal entity registration, banking institution, agency and account. Select whether it’s a checking or savings account, and in the type of transfer choose Pix. Then confirm to transfer the amount.

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