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find out here if it’s worth investing in it!

The Mega Ton machine gains the attention of those who sell through the machine and look for lower prices for their sales. With this little machine, sales divided into 12 installments have a small rate of 9.42% and it is already possible to have access to the balance in just 1 day.

Let’s see below some of its advantages and disadvantages, and if it will benefit your venture.

What this article covers:

What is the Mega Ton machine?

When purchasing one of the Ton line machines, you will have to choose one of the rate plans. One of these plans is the Mega Ton, in which you have to pay extra for the machine, but the sales fees will be lower.

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With the Mega Ton machine, even if the sale is in installments, the seller already receives the total balance, if it is a debit the balance will already be released in 1 day, with credit it is possible to choose to receive the balance in 1, 14 or 30 days later from the sale.

It is possible to choose between having the balance deposited both in your digital account and also in your bank account. If you choose the digital account, you can use the account’s card to access your balance, whether for purchases or withdrawals.

What are the fees for the Mega Ton machine?

Regarding fees, there is no additional cost in the Mega Ton machine, such as rent or membership fee. The seller will just pay only the fees of what to sell.

What are the rates of the Mega Ton machine

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The card brand and also the payment method affect the amount of fees. For debit sales under the Mastercard or Visa brands, the rate is 1.48%, while for other brands the rate is 2.49%.

In installment sales for the Mastecard and Visa brands, the rate can range from 4.02% to 9.42%, for other brands it can range from 5.22% to 10.62%. If the sale is in cash credit, the rate is 2.95% in the flags mastercard and Visa, and 4.14% in other brands.

Is it worth having the Mega Ton machine?

We mentioned some information about the Mega Ton machine, now let’s reach a conclusion about what are its advantages and disadvantages.


The biggest advantage of the Mega Ton machine is its small fees. Even if at the beginning you have to pay more for the machine, in the end this amount pays off in the long run. Therefore, if most of your customers use Mastercard and Visa cards, the Mega Ton machine is recommended for you.


Now about the disadvantages of the Mega Ton machine, one of the main ones is the limited choice of card brands available, which are: Elo, American Express, Hipercard, Mastercard and Visa.

If the majority of your customers do not use Mastercard or Visa, the Mega Ton machine loses its greatest advantage, as the rates for other brands are higher, that is, in this case, this plan will not make any difference.

How to apply

You can acquire your Mega Ton machine when you buy one of the Ton line machines, no matter if you are MEI, legal entity or individual.

To purchase one of the Ton line machines is very easy, access the official website and fill in the information that will be requested, or you can call the call center if you think it’s better and forward your purchase there.

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