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Find out here how to sell with the MEI installment payment slip!

Knowing how to sell MEI payment slips in installments is important, after all, those who work with the market need to be updated on the best forms of payment and, of course, offer the maximum possible comfort to customers when making their purchases.

Nowadays, there are several forms of payment such as credit and debit, but one modality that has gained prominence is payments through installments.

This modality is very relevant for those who are microentrepreneurs and have some benefits and in today’s article, we will teach you how to sell with MEI installments and what rules you should follow. Follow below!

What this article covers:

Sell ​​in installments MEI to increase customer payment options

Nowadays in the current market, a business only works if there are different payment methods and therefore, it is important that MEI has several payment options, as many customers may stop buying due to this impossibility.

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One point that favors the use of installment payment slips is that around 20% of the Brazilian population pays using slips, and 30% of Brazilians do not have a limit on their credit card to be able to pay for purchases in installments. This shows that payment via installment payment is a good option for MEI.

How is the sale made in installments on the MEI bill?

The sale in installments is similar to the common installment, where the total amount is divided into monthly charges in equal amounts.

First you must set a due date, which will be the same for all slips. For example, if the first one expires on the 5th, then all the slips must expire on the 5th as well, do you understand?

How the sale in installments is made in the MEI bill

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Once this is done, just see the value of each ticket. Payment is generally made in up to 12 installments, with installments of at least R$ 10.00.

The slips are generated in a file similar to a booklet, which must be forwarded to the e-mail address registered at the time of issue.

So that the seller does not suffer losses in the payment of installments, it is possible to have a late fee for each late payment slip. The seller can also choose how much he wants to pay for each delay which can be 0.5% or 5.5% and so on.

It is important that all these options are present in the ticket in order to avoid embarrassment.

What rules and features?

The rules of the installment bill is that the seller must do everything possible to avoid stress. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the due dates of each ticket.

Ideally, it should always be on the same date, so as not to confuse either the seller or the customer. Another important point is the extra fee to be charged if the ticket is overdue.

Are there fees for issuing bank slips in installments?

Not. There is no fee for issuing slips, it is possible to issue them for free.

Is it possible to cancel an installment payment?

Yea! To cancel a bill in installments, simply access each bill and cancel that installment in the Easy MEI application itself, tap on the “charge customer” tab and then “overdue or due”. Once this is done, just select the ticket and cancel it!

To understand how to sell the MEI installment payment slip and be safe in this process, you can access the serasa platforms and Banco do Brasil, to find out if your customer is up to date with their obligations and carry out a credit analysis before closing a deal.

Advantages of installment sales on boleto?

There are many advantages to selling with MEI installments, some of them are the possibility of offering another payment method, increasing the average sales value, getting more customers, in addition to being able to sell more easily!

If you are interested in market issues and want to know more, keep following our articles here!

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