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Finally! Andrea Escalona, ​​host of “Hoy”, gives birth to her firstborn

The host of “Today” Andrea Escalona welcomed her first child, whom she affectionately calls “Churrito”, it was through the morning show that the news broke that the happy host already had her son in her arms.

Throughout the morning broadcast, its drivers reported everything that was happening in the hospital while Andrea Escalona gave birth to her first child. It should be noted that the driver was accompanied the entire time by her boyfriend and father of his son Mark.

Andrea Escalona’s baby was born at 5:35 p.m. and weighed two kilos 800 gramsthis according to the information that the drivers of the Hoy program shared in the broadcast of the Hoy Program on this day.

Minutes after six in the morning, Andrea Escalona shared a story from her official Instagram account where she shared that she was already on her way to the hospital.

The host recorded the short video from the truck and her aunt also appeared in said material, the producer Andrea Rodríguez, who since she found out that she would be a great-aunt has accompanied the host and singer at all times.

“Hello, it’s six in the morning and I haven’t slept at all, well we left at 12 to go to the hospital but there were no rooms, so we went back home and at six they told us: ‘no, yes there is, run away, then we’re already running”


Although Escalona was going to the hospital at that moment, it is well said that a woman “before dead than simple” since the driver and her aunt appeared with dark glasses, this so that their followers would avoid seeing them without makeup and somewhat deteriorated due to the sleeplessness that passed.

And it is that, initially, his son would be born on the night of Wednesday, December 21, but as Escalona explained in his story, They had no rooms available at the hospital, so it was not possible for the driver to enter.

It was last Wednesday, June 22, that Escalona shared with her colleagues and with her audience in a very special way the news that she would become a mother.

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