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Filippa Toremo – pregnant without knowing: SVT releases documentary about the shock news

Influencer Filippa Toremo received a shock message when she thought her stomach problems had gotten worse. It turned out that she was five months pregnant. Now SVT is releasing a documentary that depicts her journey after the announcement.

Photo: Jan Danielsson/SVT

Despite using birth control pills and receiving a negative pregnancy test, it turned out that Filippa Toremo was five months pregnant. It also meant that the limit for a possible abortion had been passed. Now her journey is depicted in a new documentary from SVT Edit.

“Filippa is very brave to share this stigmatizing but very important issue. Being able to follow her so closely during this sensitive journey was a great trust to manage and her well-being has been of the highest priority for us,” says Sofia Manieri, project manager for SVT Edit. Gynecologist Helena Kopp Kallner and several of Filippa’s close friends also take part in the documentary.

“There were many who wrote ‘I understand that it’s hard for you, I’ve been there myself’ and that’s why it’s so important for me to talk about this so that others also feel less alone,” says Filippa about his participation in the documentary.

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