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Fiesta de San Juan 2022: 3 easy rituals to attract love into your life

The feast of San Juan is the Christian celebration with which an attempt was made to replace the ancient pagan festivals that took place after the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. The reason why these dates do not coincide (summer arrived on June 21) is because what is also known as the Bonfire Festival occurs on the night of June 23 and the early morning of June 24, when the Bible says that Saint John the Baptist was born.

The sacred text states that Zechariah ordered a bonfire to be lit to announce the birth of his son Juanand as Christianity adapted to its calendar the pagan celebrations of setting fire on the summer solstice, the event is celebrated days later, according to El País.

The so-called pagans lit bonfires to jump through them and say goodbye to the sun since the days gradually begin to be shorter after the June solstice. This symbolic act also served to eliminate evil spirits and the evil that they could drag from the previous cycle..

The fusion of the pagan celebration of the summer solstice and the Feast of Saint John did not dispel the tradition of the rituals. To this day there are many people around the world who celebrate by lighting bonfires on beaches and in forests. A) Yes, It is the perfect time to attract what you most want in your life, and if among your desires is to find love, we suggest these rituals.

1. Burn your desire for love at the stake

One of the most popular rituals for the Night of San Juan is write your wish on a piece of paper and burn it in a bonfire. Write down your longing for love as specific as you can in your own handwriting and throw it into the fire. To be fulfilled, you must jump through the fire three times, as tradition dictates.

2. Ritual with red candles to attract love

This ritual consists of lighting two small red candles with a match, a color associated with passion and love, and then writing the acronym AG on a piece of paper, which means soul mate. When the candles are about to be consumed, place wax on the paper, paste it and when it cools, put it under your pillow. It is believed that love will come sooner than you imagine.

3. Ritual to attract a special person

The Night of San Juan is powerful to make you present in the thoughts of the person you like. Get a pink candle and spray it with your favorite perfume. Then spread honey from the base to the wick. Light a cinnamon incense stick and a vanilla stick. Make 7 knots to a green cord and each time you make one say out loud the name of the person you like. Put the cord in a small sack of red cloth and you must carry it as an amulet until that person pays attention to you.

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