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Fernanda Castillo reveals that she has already made her will: “We are not here forever”

have gone through serious health problems soon after giving birth caused that fernanda castillo become aware of the importance of leaving his son Líam protected, which is why He has already made his willlike his partner, the actor Erik Hayser.

It was through her official Instagram account where the talented and charismatic actress who earned the praise of millions of viewers thanks to her character as Mónica Robles in ‘El Señor de los Cielos’, shared that she already has everything ready for the day. may be missing, since he recently made his will.

“Many people asked me if the will is serious. Yes, it’s serious, like there isn’t a culture, well at least they didn’t teach me, that you have to do something like that, more than when it appears in the movies, and Yesterday we went to do it was to be protected and not leave any problem“, he commented in the stories of his social profile.

He explained that, together with his sentimental partner, Erik Hayser, they carried out the legal process in which it is clearly stipulated what would happen in the event that something were to happen to them, since it is a process that is rarely talked about, but it is very important. .

“If something happened to us, hopefully not, but long ago we became aware that we are not here forever and that he is father to make things clear. Yesterday we left doing it very calm that we left a solution for that, “added the actress.

But not only that, because the star of series like Monarch and Intimate Enemy also opened up about his health, confessing that he had just completed a series of studies.

I’m coming out of doing a study that it is very important for women, that it can help diagnose and be able to treat it, ”he commented in a sequence of videos.

The series of confessions arise three years after going through postpartum complicationswhen he suffered a hemorrhage and two heart attacks that put his life at risk.

Although very little was known about her suffering at that time, it was until a year later, in 2022, when the same actress turned to her social networks to confirm that she had been on the brink of death.

“Today, one year ago I got a new chance to live. I clung with all my strength to my child, to Erik and to the dream of building a family, ”he wrote next to a tender postcard next to his firstborn.

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