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Feng Shui to increase the space of the house

O Feng Shui is a technique that aims to promote the harmonization of environments. The teachings are of Chinese origin and have been around for thousands of years. According to the theory, some changes in space are capable of attract positive energies and repel the negatives.

Feng Shui attracts positive energies to the environment. (Photo: Disclosure)

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What this article covers:

Feng Shui at home

THE Feng Shui technique It can be applied both at home and in the workplace. She has as her main tool the ba-gua, which can identify the eight different areas of life: spirituality, family, prosperity, success, relationships, creativity, friends and work.

In addition to bringing good vibes to the residents’ lives, some Feng Shui teachings are able to increase the space inside the house. The sensation of spaciousness is stimulated through simple measures, which involve colors, furniture arrangement and organization.

Check below some tips to enlarge the space with Feng Shui🇧🇷

Cleaning and organization make the environment appear more spacious. (Photo: Disclosure)

a house in order
To stimulate the chi, which concentrates vital energy, the areas must be free and encourage people to circulate. The proposal also values ​​the cleanliness of environments and organization. With the house organized and free of unnecessary objects, the space ends up being optimized.

White calms and broadens
Feng Shui considers total white to be calming for the family. This color is also a great strategy for creating a feeling of spaciousness in small spaces. Stronger tones can be used in decoration details.

Sofa in the right position
The sofa needs to be positioned correctly in the room so as not to diminish the feeling of space. Feng Shui recommends that this piece of furniture never have its back to the entrance, as this blocks the general view of the area.

The mirror is an object of healing and breadth. (Photo: Disclosure)

Mirrors help environments
The Chinese attunement technique believes that the mirror is a powerful healing object. In addition to duplicating positive images indoors, the piece also enlarges small spaces. When positioning mirrors, it is important that residents do not see themselves with their heads cut off.

adequate lighting
Feng Shui considers light as an important element for any environment. Lighting has healing power and varies by room. In order for the space to be optimised, it is essential to opt for a clear light, which increases visibility.

Feng Shui involves several concepts and details, so it is important to look for appropriate books and websites to deepen the knowledge about the technique.

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