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Feng Shui in your marriage: tips

O Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese technique that promotes the harmonization of environments. The teachings can be put into practice in the decoration of the house or in the work environment. Some people are also incorporating the Feng Shui for marriage for attract good energies🇧🇷

The technique of harmonizing environments can be applied to marriage. (Photo: Disclosure)

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What this article covers:

The Benefits of Feng Shui

When the Feng Shui knowledge are properly applied, the worked space manages to maintain a perfect balance of energies. It is also possible to optimize different areas of life, such as family, spirituality, relationships, friends and prosperity.

There are several techniques for activating the benefits of feng shui🇧🇷 In interior design, it is common to use colors and objects to balance energies. The placement of furniture is also a factor that influences the positive or negative sensations within a space.

How to apply Feng Shui in marriage?

Check out the following tips for apply Feng Shui in marriage🇧🇷

• Feng Shui believes that the bride dress it should not be completely white, but a color similar to nature, such as ivory or cream. In order not to confuse the energies, the woman should avoid using a used or borrowed model;

• A chinese harmonizing technique believes that some colors combine better than others with the marriage proposal. The black and white duo, for example, represents masculine and feminine. Green and lilac symbolize prosperity and longevity. A decoration with red and yellow attracts good luck and happiness;

The tables chosen must be round. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Earthy colors help harmonize guests’ energies. They also reduce stress and uncomfortable situations;

• The combination of metal with shades of red should be avoided, as it tends to bring bad luck;

• When the wedding is held outdoors, it attracts the positive energies of nature;

• The tables chosen to accommodate the guests must be round and not rectangular or square. The format promises to facilitate the energy flow;

• To avoid bad vibes, it’s important that the ceremony or party location is well lit. Natural light, lamps and candles can be of great help;

The choice of flowers can also be influenced by feng shui. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Before choosing the wedding flowers, the bride must seek to know the meaning of each species. The lily represents abundance, the lotus flower symbolizes spirituality and the camellias represent the best option to find balance in the relationship;

• To reinforce an idea of ​​love in the decoration, it is worth betting on a decoration with roses;

• The chairs around the table must be in even numbers, never odd.

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