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Feng shui in lighting

O Feng Shui is an ancient technique, created by the Chinese in favor of harmonization of environments🇧🇷 The concepts can be applied in the construction and decoration of the house, so that residents can enjoy an environment with positive energy.

Feng Shui aims to encourage the circulation of positive energy within the home. (Photo: Disclosure)

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The main tool of Feng Shui is the ba-gua, responsible for determining different areas of life: work, spirituality, family, prosperity, success, relationships, creativity and friends. Energies are also stimulated or repelled through objects, colors and placements.

Lighting is an element highly valued by Feng Shui. The theory believes that using the right light in each environment improves the energy flow🇧🇷

What this article covers:

Feng Shui Lighting Tips

Check out the following tips for hit home lightingrespecting the Feng Shui principles🇧🇷

• The lighting chosen for an environment must be able to soften sharp corners;

• Floor lamps represent a great bet for brighten dark corners;

• Bet on objects that reflect light it’s a great strategy to attract positive energies. The mirror stands out as a healing element and contributes to the feeling of spaciousness in a space;

• For residents to enjoy peace indoors, they must take advantage of natural light. Light entry can be optimized by opening the curtains or dressing the windows with light fabrics;

The morning sun is highly valued by Feng Shui. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Feng Shui considers the morning sun wonderful for houses, so windows should be opened in the morning. Sunlight in the early hours of the day will be responsible for recycling energy;

• O sunlight effect indoors it can be expanded when working with spheres or white quartz. These pieces must be positioned at entrances or windows;

• The afternoon sun is not always positive for the home, after all, it drains energy.

Tips for lighting the house

• Very bright and strong lamps can make the environment cold and impersonal, so it is important to be careful with them in intimate environments, such as the bedroom;

The right lighting must recognize the needs of the residents. (Photo: Disclosure)

• A White lighting it is perfect for functional environments that need visibility, such as the kitchen;

• A good lighting design exploits more than one light source in an area;

• Spots installed strategically help enhance decoration elements;

• Environments with dark walls need lamps with greater intensity;

• Lamps with a yellowish color work best in environments such as the living room and bedroom.

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