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Feng Shui: 5 tricks to attract wealth and improve your relationship with money in the Year of the Rabbit

2023 corresponds to the Chinese sign of the Rabbit and in accordance with the precepts of Feng Shui, a practice that aims to harmonize spaces to improve the lives of those who inhabit the home, It is a year that is in tune with the energy of wealth and finances..

The luckiest locations for the Year of the Rabbit are the North and the Southeast, which are synchronized with success and power, so we must work in these sectors to have a better flow of energy on these issues.

Feng Shui offers us some tricks to activate these vibrations and improve our relationship with moneyFor example, place yellow, beige or brown decorations on the left end of the house, as well as put symbols of wealth such as the money frog or a crystal ball.

Other tips are to keep that sector of the home clear, tidy, clean and illuminated for the good flow of energy, as well as decorating a pot with coins to attract prosperity, according to the site TheChineseZodiac.org.

Next, we reveal 5 of the most powerful rabbits in Feng Shui to activate the energy of money in the Year of the Rabbit and improve your economic situation.

1. Lucky coins

One of the most powerful charms of the Year of the Rabbit to activate the energy of money and have more luck is hang 3 I-Ching coins on your front door handle. These must be tied with a red thread or ribbon and be placed inside.

2. Order cleaning and bathroom products

Keep your brooms and mops out of sight, and always keep the toilet seat down. These two tricks are extremely simple, but powerful enough to prevent sustenance from being “wasted” or running away like water through our hands.

3. Place a mirror behind the stove

Mirrors are elements that, according to Feng Shui, multiply energies by two. The kitchen, particularly the stove, is symbol of prosperity because that is where we prepare the food that will feed the family. For this reason, he recommends hanging a mirror behind the stove, so we will improve our financial situation.

4. Get a dragon figurine

The dragon is the most powerful and wise animal in Feng Shui. It represents the Yang, courage and bravery. Place this figure in the East of your house to magnify and enhance the energy of money.

5. Decorate with lucky rabbits

Being the Year of the Rabbit, Feng Shui suggests place figurines of this zodiacal animal in your workspace and at home, so you will be attracting luck and wealth.

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