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Female bedroom: decor, ideas

O Female room it should be decorated according to the resident’s preferences and age group. Normally, the room aimed at girls and women displays a more delicate look, with the presence of elements in pink or another tone that highlights the idea of ​​femininity. But, not all dorms are Disney princess-worthy.

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Female bedroom: decor, ideas

Before starting the female room decor, it is necessary to consider several factors and assemble a project that values ​​the space. In the first place, identify the lifestyle of the girl, woman or woman, then find out about her favorite colors, taste in music, favorite movies, among other information that helps to draw a profile. This survey will be important for the room to have its own identity.

When setting up the women’s room, it is essential to consider the comfort and functionality of the space. If the intention is to prepare an environment of rest and tranquility, the decoration should display cold and neutral colors. To value trends and make the room more energized and cheerful, the proposal needs to work with warm colors.

The arrangement of furniture in the bedroom is a very important aspect when decorating, after all, any mistake can interfere with people’s movement. In fact, furniture must function in the environment with the aim of improving comfort and optimizing organization.

Decor ideas for women’s rooms

The issue of age influences decoration, especially since a 6-year-old girl does not preserve a preference for a Barbie themed all life. Check below some suggestions for setting up a female bedroom according to each age group.

From 0 to 3 years: the bedroom is usually decorated with soft, sweet and romantic colors, always reinforcing the characteristics of the female universe. The crib, chest of drawers and breastfeeding armchair are some of the basic pieces of furniture to compose a children’s bedroom. Experts recommend not working with vibrant colors because this can make the baby agitated.

From 4 to 9 years old: a girl in this age group is already starting to show signs of the things she likes or not. It is at this time that the bedroom decor can be transformed and acquire personality elements. Try adopting a theme when choosing flooring, furniture and accessories. Remember that the child is in the school stage, so it is interesting to reserve a corner of the room for studies.

In the early years, it is possible to bet on a themed decoration.

From 10 to 12 years old: the proposal is no longer so childish and some toys that used to be part of the decoration can leave the scene. Some girls still retain a taste for pink, lilac or white, in addition to romantic elements.

From 13 to 17: with childhood left behind, it’s time to change the decor of the room to keep up with the new phase of life. The teenager won’t be keen on themed furniture, so she prefers a more discreet decor with basic furniture. Suddenly an armchair with a different design or a wall with a vibrant color can match the feminine room. Current accessories such as panels with pictures and fun cushions combine with the proposed environment. Don’t forget to preserve the study niche.

From 18 onwards: Once the euphoria of adolescence has passed, the time has come to opt for a neutral, basic and discreet decoration. Of course, the issue of personality can be worked on in space, but always considering new habits.

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