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Feirão Limpa Nome dos Correios takes place all over the country

Understand how the Post Office Clean Name Fair works

The Feirão Limpa Nome dos Correios is happening all over the country, so understand how it works and who can participate. Citizens who are negative in the Serasa and who need to negotiate their debts directly with creditors can now settle pending issues at any agency in the Mail from the country.

The partnership between the state-owned company and Serasa Experian allows Brazilians to have access to face-to-face service at the Clean Fair Name.

The objective is to give consumers who wish to renegotiate their debts through physical points, such as Post Office agencies, another option.

After negotiating the debt, the citizen has his data removed from the restriction register and has the possibility of adapting financially, starting to have access to credit card, loan and financing.

This edition of Feirão Limpa Nome runs until March 31, 2023.

This is yet another partnership to be part of the Post Office Citizen’s Desk portfolio. The company already provides several services to citizens, such as issuing CPF; digital certificate; consultation with Serasa; Lost and found documents.

For security reasons, it is mandatory that the citizen presents an official identification document that contains the CPF number.

The 11,000 post offices across the country are open for the Serasa Limpa Nome Fair.

The mutirão is aimed at those interested in negotiating debts directly with the respective creditors, stimulated by discounts offered on interest and fines, which can be higher than 90%.

Correios is another option for people who wish to renegotiate their debts at physical points.

When the debt is negotiated, the consumer will have their negative data removed from the credit restriction register.

The values ​​for these services are R$ 4.20 for each debt negotiated and R$ 3 per agreement consultation.

Febraban Negotiation and Financial Guidance Task Force

From today (1st) until March 31, the new edition of the Financial Negotiation and Guidance Task Force will take place, promoted by the Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban), in partnership with the Central Bank, the National Consumer Secretariat (Senacon) and the Procons of All country.

Debts on credit cards, overdrafts, payroll loans and other types of credit in arrears with banks or financial institutions may be renegotiated.

Loans secured by assets, such as vehicles, motorcycles or real estate, are not included in this type of renegotiation to clear the name of those who are indebted.

Discounts and longer terms, rate reductions and debt payment conditions vary and are defined by each institution.

The negotiation can be done directly with the bank or financial institution using the official channels of the institution or through the portal ConsumerGovBr, that the consumer accesses through his silver or gold account.

On the National Mutirão page, created to guide consumers on how to participate in the campaign, there are videos showing step-by-step instructions on how to access the portal, find the institution and open the negotiation request.


Post offices also offer the service of consulting agreements that have been generated and reprinting of 2nd copies of slips. The values ​​for carrying out the service at the branches are as follows:

  • BRL 4.20 per negotiated debt
  • BRL 3.00 per agreement consultation (reprint of 2nd copy of slips)

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