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Federico Valverde asks for respect for Vinicius Jr: the Uruguayan criticized the repeated cases of racism against the Brazilian

Antonio Raíllo provoked the Brazilian during the match.

Photo: JAIME REINA / Getty Images

Fede ValverdeUruguayan midfielder for Real Madrid, assured that Brazilian Vinícius Junior “deserves respect”highlighted his “values”, his “happy” way of playing and He criticized the “racism” he suffers in the stands of Spanish stadiumsafter the last chapter suffered in Mallorca.

“As a colleague, he seems to me an incredible person, with many values. On the field it is different, he tries to enjoy football in his own way like many Brazilians, they are very happy, they have fun, It’s his way of playing and you have to respect it“, he analyzed at a press conference.

Valverde showed respect for the rivals’ strategy to stop Vinícius’ football but criticized any gesture of racism.

“I think it’s part of football to foul a player a lot, we as teammates have to defend him, but when you talk about racism and so much anger at a player who is still 21 years old, I think you don’t think he’s a person, you can bring problems home“, he assured.

“It can be any child of any fan in the stands. You have to think about that and respect many more. You have to support your team. but when there is so much against a player, each one should look at him and not pay for the problems in his life before a young man who enjoys himself in his own way and deserves respect“he added.

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